Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st October 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ganga ji angry and standing in a pool of fire. Mahadev asks her to come with him. She says no, she will not go without Devi Parvati. Mahadev says Parvati has come here off her free will and she will go by her own will

Malla and Mani say that Mahadev gives boon to every one so give us a boon that Ma never leaves us and that she always is happy with us

Mahadev says no, What ever Aghora said will come true. You have tried to misuse Kali’s power zoom she will be free of you

Mani tells Malla that this Aghori had misbehaved with him and said Maa will go in five days. He asks his brother if she will really go

Mahadev says he can at this moment punish them for what they have done but Aghora will talk to you in your own

language. He will punish ypu and Truth will be hailed again.

Mahadev emits a light and Ganga’s fire circle vanishes. She goes into Mahadev’s hair as a river. Malla and Mani are surprised.

Mahadev saus that Aghra has started the process and soon Ma Kali will be free. If you think you can stop Aghora then try but if you make the same mistake then power of Shakti will destroy all. Malla moves forward but Turg stops himMahdi disappears .

Mahadev is back on Kailash. All become happy. Mainavati is happy to see Ganga. She asks forgiveness as she could not bring Parvati.

Brigu Rishi says sorry to Mahadev but Mahadev says there is no need as he had only given knowledge to his decuple and its not your fault but that of your deciple Turg and Aghora will punish them all but before that Aghora will need to control the galaxy

Malla asks Turg why he stopped him he could have controlled Mahadev. Turg says whoever thinks that is soon destroyed. He only went because Goddess is here. Malla says then what he should do? Turg says stop Aghora , that’s the only way otherwise Maa will go.

Aghora is meditating. A yantra is seen by all in the sky. Aghora is comtrilling the universe. Malla asks what this is. Turg says that this is a yantra made by Aghora and he has started to manifest it too. If yantra is manifested then Kali will go from your control. Aghora will have to go to all directions of the universe to menefest the Yantra if you are able to stop him then Kali will stay here .

Malla says he will do it

Torga says you need someone who can tolerate extreme heat and cols. Do you have any such person?

Nandi smears ash allover him so that he can join the Aghoris and serve Maa Kali. He is unable to tolerate to stay away from Maa. He asks permission to go.

Mahadev says that he understands but what is happening is not that simple. Its related to Adi Shakti who is the source of energy and she became a prisoner off her own free will. We have to liberate her. Aghora will do it with the Yantra. Time has come to manifest it in the first corner.

Aghora is performing a process in a mountainous region. Some people come there and tell him that we cannot tell you a place for the purpose as our chief is very powerful and barbaric. He will kill us. Aghora asks where to find him?

They say that he comes in every two weeks and gives bali of one person. He has kept us in these difficult conditions

Suddenly the chief arrives.

Precap: Parvati shown in her Parvati form Mahadev tells her that first hurdle is about to be crossed. The Chief says he will not allow the manifestation of the yantra

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizadda

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