Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 1st May 2013 Written Update

At Ujjain, Nandi sees Asura Dushan in his huge form, throwing fire from his mouth, burning everything. People of Ujjain are running to save their lives. Nanadi decides to inform Shivji to stop this Asura.

Parvati compelets her Pranayam . Aadi Guru says Your Spiritual Energy is getting accumulated now. You can move to the next stage now. Parvati asks what is she supposed to do now? Aadi Yogi says, Prana is the vital force helps in this running the body. Now you’ll go to the next stage that is this Vidya’s important aspect Mahamudra.

A U M these 3 letters sound forms the word Om, is origin of Srushti’s creation. Om is the beejakshar having infinite energy. Sadhak invokes his Spiritual Energy by reciting Om. When you recite Om you are in this Srushti but away from

it too. The stages Yama, Niyama, aasana, Pranayam will lead you to the stage. Sit in Samuchit mudra.
Vishnuji says now they will be witnessing the Shambhavi mudra.

Aadi Yogi asks her to continue doing jap of OM, till he asks her to stop. Paravti starts. Look within you, soon you’ll realize a new Energy in you. When you experience that energy then lift your mouth up, concentrate on your 3rd eye position.

All are running scared but some rishi are engrossed in Om Namah Shivay’s jaap sitting in front of a Shivling. Some of them are awakened except one. Nandi decides to save them, asks who is this Shiv Bhakta? Other say he is their elder bro, is in penanace since long. They too joined him but are scared of his safety now.They all decide to invoke Shivji & save their bro’s life
Dushan sees the rishi engrossed in Om Namah Shivay’s jaap.

Kalnemi comes to meet Vrinda in his palace, asks her is she ok? She says at the right time asuraraj reached & saved me. He is happy at J’s act. He talks to Vrinda about her marriage. Today’s event has forced him to get her married to a good Asura. Vrinda agrres to marry Asura of his choice. Kalnemi Is happy says he has already promised someone without asking her. Vrinda expects J’s name but Kalnemi says asura Sarpamani. Vrinda is sad.

At Ksheersagar meeting, Naradji says Deva’s mahasabha is called for a new plan after failure of the current plan. Indra announces, he has decided to leave Devraj’s throne. Vishnuji smiles. Naradji says is he dreaming?

J comes to Vrinda, tells her to be in this palace for her safety. She says her need is more in treating the wounded, she will not bother him any more. What can she do for him, asuraraj? J says it doesn’t sound good from her. His sole aim after his mother’s death was to take revenge. He became Asura. Never throught about himself. Guruji told me I should get married. But after meeting you I wanted to marry you. Vrinda says she can’t accept his proposal father has already fixed my marriage with someone else. He asks her what is her wish? She says to fulfil a daughter’s duty towards her father. J leaves.

Kartikeya asks Shivji has mata taken the mahamudra? He says she is going towards it, soon she will realize her Aadi Shakt form & other lost memories. Ganesh asks then mata will soon remember everything? He says there still time for that. He is going out for an important work, don’t let yor mother go out from here. This work may not be easy. Still your mata’s body is not steady to hold them. A mother saves her children without bothering about her life even you should do the same for your mata. Kartikeya & Ganesh assures him. But Shivji thinks he doesn’t doubt their ability but it may not be the same.

Precap: J tells Kalnemi he wants to marry his daughter. Kalnemi is surprised. Vrinda says with power & strength war can be won not heart.
At Ujjain Dushan wants to kill all the Shiv bhaktas. Shivji comes there, he throws a stone at him which is stopped by Trishul.
A voiceover says tomm, Shivji will take Mahakal form & establish the Jyotirling at Ujjain.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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