Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st July 2013 Written Update

Mahadev’s little one touches his feet and takes his blessings…
Father n son spend a emotional moment.
Mahadev asks Ganesh’s thought on Prajapati Vishwrup’s proposal, Ganesh answers that when his father has accepted the proposal he too will accept it. But Ganesh wants his big brother to be a part – the most important and happiest moment of his life.
Mahadev tells “thats fair enough, all this time you have given vachan to all, this time I’ll give you vachan (Promise) that I’ll bring his brother to his wedding”

Kartikeya asks his peacock to rest for a while before moving further. Then he dismounts the bird and tries to recall the reason why he left the Kailash.. he didn’t want to be of any

inconvenience to his mother.
Parvati devi and Mahadev appear on the same land as their elder son- Devi Parvati feels sad about Kartikeya’s plight.. Mahadev tries to pacify her saying that they need to give their Kartikeya some time and space to reconcile to things as its important that he isn’t left with any doubts when he return back to the Kailash.

Parvati devi reason that isn’t it possible that if they take talk and work things out ?
Mahadev replies “each time when Kartikeya had doubt on his existence or his presence at Kailash, he always pushed himself away from us thinking that he’d handle it on his own, he will come for sure Parvati ”

Nirantak’s bro is conspiring to take vengeance with Ganesh seeing it to be a perfect time where Mahadev, Parvati mata and Kartikeya are not present. His asur soldier informs him that Siddhi n Buddi are still present there for their marriage with Ganesh… he plans to defeat Vishwarup too.

Back here Ganesh escorts Siddhi, Buddhi along with Vishwarup to their place.. Vishwarup thanks Ganesh for the gesture, but also says that it was not required.
Ganesh says that he wanted to.. and was fine with it.
As they walk they happen to come across Devantak.

The live stream audience watch the show and Naradji feel upset of Devantak’s timing for teh attack.. Vishnudev tells that Devantak will get his punishment for his stupidity.

Ganesh asks who he was… he replies Nirantak’s brother ‘Devantak’
Gannu bhayya recalls of the incident when he slayed Nirantak…that he has said his brother will take the revenge for his death. Ganesh jibs that it took forever for him to take revenge
The asur is in huge size.. so Ganesh grows in size and picks the asura and throws him away. Ganesh tells S & B not to be upset with him as he hasn’t rejected the proposal, he indeed accepts it, only after seeing his big brother Kartikeya at his most impt day of his life

Kartikeya apologies to his father for not waiting for him before leaving.. Mahadev tells that he is very glad to know his seriousness for the protection of the south, but he does have his own personal responsibilities to attend too.
Mahadev explains that escaping from pbs is n’t gonna lead one to the solution.. besides the pb only got worse when he (K) left Kailash.

He also informs Kartikeya that Ganesh has decided to marry only in his presence.. Kartikeya feels that his mother must be surely hurt. which he didn’t want to..and he doesn’t ave the courage to go to her.

Mahadev tells that a mother always has the ability/ trait to forgive her son.. likewise a son too must have the ability to express his doubts to her . His mother is Jagdamba she always will stand by him.. he asks Kartikeya to take time, until then they’ll wait for him there itself.

Mahadev tells Parvati devi that its time to talk to Kartikeya.. as he has explained K keeping the Purush POV in view and now she has to explain him the Prakriti POV of things.

Kartikeya sees a doe showing affection to its fawn, K feels emotional-wa.
At that moment Paravti devi comes there and signals him not to tear n clears his tears off his face..

Parvati devi explains “The most painful moment for a parent is, when the child feels separate from the parent. this is my sorrow, my destiny, my goal. But the child shouldn’t forget that every happiness or sadness of the mother is that of her child. A mother’s existence is her child”
Kartikeya puts forth his sorrow of being the reason for his mother’s pain and dharm sankat then?
That’s why he decided to separate. Mata Parvati asks how did he feel after getting separate from them?

K apologizes to his mother, who tells him that he hasn’t done anything wrong.
She asks him to promise her that he’ always include them in all of his decisions .. he can atke any decision he wants but if he consult them they’d be happy. Or she’d think that she was unsuccessful in carrying out a mother’s duties. (aww poor parents(every), what did they want.. only to include their suggestion n advice in their child’s decisions.)
K promises and is ready to head Kailash.

Mahadev and Parvati devi persuade Kartikeya to come back to see his kid brother’s wedding.

Ganesh’ wedding prep is on its peak…
Brhm dev takes his daughter Devsena’s proposal in marriage with Mahadev and Parvati’s eldest son Kartikeya. :

Update Credit to: sankalp

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