Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st February 2013 Written Update

Kuber says that he has a satchel but not modak which I use to keep money. Kuber says to Ganesha that weather someone has his modak or not its not going to make any difference, but if someone does has his modak (referring to money) is the most powerful one.
Ganesha requests Kuber if he could take his mushak friends on a ride in his vehicle; Kuber straight away refuses to give him saying that he was too busy that day.
Kuber tells the reason for his busy was that he has to invite Mahadev and the other devtas. on asked by Ganesh, Kuber says that he is organizing a MahaBhoj (Royal feats-come – get together) hearing the Bhoj part of the word… Ganesh gets excited and takes Kuber to his father.

They all go the Kailash, Kuber shows his reverence towards Mahadev and Parvati devi. Kuber tells that he was to organize a MahaBhoj so that all the devi devtas could come together and meet; also all the kings get the blessed opportunity to see all the Gods, thus he has come there to invite him.
Mahadev asks if the invitation if only for him or is it for the whole family?

Kuber hesitantly says Mahadev, Parvati ma, Kartikeya, Ashok Sundari and Ganesh ji.. hearing this all the ganas feel disheartened.
Shiva says for a host its shameful to err and says that doesn’t he know how many members he (Kuber) has in his family?

Shiva then asks Nandi how many Gan prayts are there?
Nanadi asks there on Kailash or in the family?
Nandi then says that its impossible to count the number!

Kuber gets high BP!
Shiva asks KUber what kind of invitation is it going to be like?

Kuber thinks for a while clearing sweat from his forehead, that if all those people come to the MB all his wealth gets finished in feeding them.
Shiva and Parvati ma smirk at this.

Shiva makes it clear to Kuber that if there are going to be invited they all would be attending it including the gan and prayts!
Ganesh would represent them in their place.

Kuber objects to this saying how can the MB be complete without Parvati ma and him?

Parvati ma explains that Ganesh is Shiva and her element and being the Ganadhyaksh he will represent the gans too.
Kuber agress to this.

Ganesh then tells that he’d come only when he is fed first also with an assurance that he should satisfy his (Ganesha’s) hunger.
Kuber boost that he has such wealth which can satisfy the hunger of the whole world, couldn’t he just satisfy a boy’s hunger?.
GAnesh asks him to promise if he would do that!

Ganesh tells that he would attend the MB (MahaBhoj) that too all alone!
Kuber thanks him as he git read of a big tension.

Parvati devi gives a few modaks to Ganesh till the MB starts and tells him that he should’nt get carried away in excitement seeing the diversity of the food items, he must only eat that much which satisfy his hunger!

Kuber returns back to Lanka and Ravan greets him, he asks Kuber if he had greeted Mahadev on his behalf!

Kuber says he did and as he tries to go..Ravan stops him and asks “what else did Mahdev tell; he didn’t forget me , did he?”

Kuber in frustration says that he is too busy to answer his questions and tells that there shouldn’t be anything missing in the arrangements.

Ravan understands that Kuber has not passed his message to Mahadev

Ravan understands this and decides to meet his lord Shiva during the Mahabhoj.

At Kailash:

Ganeshji takes his parents blessing before going to the MahaBhoj…
Shiva – “This event will make Kuber humble and carve the path for Shubh Labh.”

By evening all the guests start pouring in and the host greet them welcome.

Ravan asks Kuber why hasn’t his lord Mahadev not arrived yet.
Kuber tries to change the topic by asking for all the arrangements..Ravan says that there won’t be any mistake as he himself has checked all the arrangements.

Kuber gives Ravan the shock of the century.. that Mahadev wasn’t gonna come but his son Ganesh is gonna represent him.
Ravan feels disheartened as his Mahadev isn’t gonna come and were his Mahadev is not present its a waste being a part of the MB.

Our Golu molu Ganesha arrives at that place..

Kuber greets Ganesh to his MB.. he tells that by his (Ganesh) arrival its all shubh.

Precap:Can Kuber ever satisfy Ganesha’s hunger for food?
GAnesha has taken a huge size and he threatens Kuber that he’d eat away his wealth, palace and even him!

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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