Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with himalaya says to mata parvati that i came here only to meet you and now we are going back to home. mata parvati says, i also come with you. Is there any problem to travel with you. Mata says, i am packing items for travelling. Menawati says, we should tell everything to her. Himalaya denies and says, i know that she is adi shakti but we should follow some duties. mata says to gann, take kailash in proper manner. Promise me Ganesh and kartikaye that you will keep kailash clean and fulfil your duties. Ganesh ji says, i always want that you both of you stay for some more time. Himalaya pray to mahadev that everything will sort out. mata says to herself, i know that my journey will take new path. Mata then take permission from mahadev and leave kailash. Mahadev gives blessing

to mata parvati. Here kronch practising for war. Dev raj indra arise in front of kronch. Kronch says, if all mountain sent you here for saying that i will stop my work then go from here. Dev raj indra says, i came here for idea. Kronch ask about it. Dev raj indra says, you want to utilize himalaya things and i know you want to setup your image as alone. kronch says, dont give me bribe, i will utilize everything by undertaken himalaya.
Mata parvati and menawati does conversation. Menawati says, today i will give meal to annpurna. Mata parvati says, children can understand parents feelings. Himalaya comes and says, you forgot your father. menawati says, i will serve you dinner. Mata parvati ask about kronch. Himalaya says, your brother doesnt like if anyone ask about him. Mata parvati says, i am worried about him and thinks about him. Menawati says, today i will give you food by own. Mata parvati says to herself, i know why are you not telling me anything. Firstly i will tell him as sister then adi shakti will tell him.
Banasur says, indra is fool and he thinks that everybody is under his control. Kronch says, i am worried about sister parvati. Banasur says, i think mata parvati doesnt know anything. banasur says, if mata parvati comes under matter then i will come from your side. Mahadev has given me boon and mata parvati cannot defeat me. Mata laxmi says, banasur is very cruel. Narayan says, he always show his power. We all will give exam in this incident.
Kronch reaches to himalaya fort and calls him. Himalaya says, i know that you are not obeying us but think about your sister, she is here. Kronch says, she must know that what is going happening with his brother. Kronch says, i am alerting you otherwise i will battle with you. Mata parvati comes
Mata says to him, i was mourn but dont think that i dont know anything. I was thinking that you will understand by own. Kronch says, so now you will fight me. Mata says, if you will know your limit then it will not happen. Kronch says, i only know my rights. Himalaya says, you dont have any right, all the goods is for world and you dont know your duties. Kronch says, you have told your decision and now i am also saying that today is your last night in this fort. Mata gets angry.

Precap:- Indra says, please stop kronch. Mahadev says, some body will stop him. Here banasur says, i am just using kronch, shivansh will kill him and by him, i will control over himalaya.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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