Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th March 2014 Written Update

Mahadev explains to Ashok Sundari, Nahush’s lack of confidence is the reason for his attitude. He is made Devraj because of the merit of performing 100 Rajsya yagyas. No ordinary man can do it. It is difficult to be Devraj’s wife, you should explain these teason to him. Ashok Sundari leaves.
Later Nahush calls Deva’s in a sabha. Brihaspati asks the reason. He arrogantly says now you all have accepted me as Devraj. Brihaspati says Tridevas have appointed you here, so there is no question of doubting. Nahush says but Indrani doesn’t believe it. Brihaspati seems worried seeing his attitude.
Queen calls 2 ministers, tells them, she doesn’t want to live in luxary of this palace, since their king is living a simple life. One minister tells her, those cunning

Brahmins are looking for such opportunity. Tey may take over. A guard comes giving news of neighbouring king planning to attack their state after 2 days. She gets worried. Asks king should be informed soon.
In the aashram, King is serving the patients. A young man informs him about some suspicious movements in this aashram, some weapons were found. May be an attack on king is planned. King says only Mahadev will decide when his life may end before that he wants to serve them. He is informed about the expected war. Shambhu encourages him to train some men who are strong. Their training starts.
Brahmins decides to make good use of this opportunity. They want to joun the neighbouring king, so he will make them minister. Get Shambhu & king killed within 2 days, including the queen. Mahadev is seeing this.
3 Brahmins comes to check what is happening in the aashram, are surprised to see people getting trained for war. Shambhu sees them. He gives a sword to a man practicing with wooden stick. That man tells Shambhu, their king is a good warrior, they will be happy if he leads them.
Shambhu asks the king to lead them. But the king is repenting his deeds of giving up his duties on impulse. Or today the neighbouring king wouldn’t have dared to attack them. He has lost the courage to lead his people.
Queen with the prince comes to the aashram, insists on meeting his father, but is stopped by 2 guards. Shambhu comes there. Queen recognizes him as the one who met her at the temple. He says yes maharani. She insists on being called sister. Prince asks, is he Shambhu? He’s heard about him fighting with 20 men at the same time. Thought he must be a giant men. Is there anyone who can defeate you?
Shambhu says yes, your father can. He has courage of accepting his mistakes & rectifying him, he is selfless, thinks about his people, is brave, will fight the enemies for his people. King is listening this, gets his lost courage back, says yes, he will lead their people in the war.

Precap: Seeing Nahush’s arrogant behavior, Mahadev tells Ganesh, Kartikeya, he is making mistakes. Not repenting about his mistakes will lead to his destruction.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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