Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th July 2013 Written Update

Janaka is happy to have the baby girl and Shiv-Shakti both the same time at his place…
Janaka tells him that they’d take care of their daughter. Mahadev tells that this was not the onlly reason why he came there…
(OMG!!!!Just short of words… why r they testing our patience.. perfect mockery! )

Mahadev calls ‘Parshuraam..’
Parshuraam appears there .. JAnka welcomes him at Mithila..
A bow appear in his hands.. he gives it to Shiva.. (it should be ulta I suppose!) Mahadev tells that the bow will be henceforth placed in Mithila..

Mahadev himelf puts the bow on to the decorated table (which happens to be ready for the moment) Janaka assures he’d take care of the bow.. but he still has a doubt what if they couldn’t

take care of it?

Even before things happen or Janaka holds or picks the dhanush (bow) he says that how can anyone from his kingdom even move it an inch from its one has the ability to do that to Siva’s bow.

PArvati devi says that Sita does, and it would only SIta in his whole kingdom who can move the bow.
Mahadev tells the excited parents that the bow will play a significant role in her they should keep the bow anyplace near to her.
Shiva further tells that except Sita there will be another man who can lift the bow up, he will be the same person who will take off all his worries of being the father to a daughter.


At Ayodhyaa..
Shravan’s parents curse still go on in Dashrath’s mind, hence he decides not to send Ram to gurukul.. Vashisht comes and tries to explain him what happens if Ram learns who to be a king without experiencing hard ship.. but Dashrath never budges.

Mandodari does severe penance to please Mahadev.. and Mahadev along with Parvati devi appear there.. (why is Mahadev taking Parvati devi everywhere with him?)
Mandodari pays her respect to them.. Mahadev says that even though Raavan has left the path of devotion, she still continues in the path proving that the events in life doesn’t effect devotion.

Mandodari asks for a son..Mahadev tells she’ll be blessed with a child soon, it will be courageous and strong and dynamic.

At another place another lady- Anjani does penance..and Mahadev appears..and asks her what does she wish for.
She replies for any woman being a mother is the biggest wish n a white glow comes out of Shiva’s fore head and makes its way to the ladies womb.. then she asks will her child be protected?

Mahadev tells that her child doesn’t need any protection, as it is his own ansh..and he says further that in future her son will be the protector of Narayan’s roop and Vayu’s grace will forever be on him..and he will also be called as ‘Pavan putr’ ()n he’ll be strong, intelligent..


At Lanka
Mandoodari tries to stop Raavan from doing wrong..she says its not just and besides he is gnna be a father soon, so his family should be his first priority.. Raavan says that it can be possible only if he n his kingdom is safe… not only he or his child, but each child born in his kingdom should be free of outer perils…and thus he wants to control all the grh n nakshatras.
He tells her how some grh have opposed him and he wishes to prove that he and his kingdom are powerful than anyother in the world..he leaves asking her to take good care of herself.

At Kailash

Parvati devi and Mahdev has a dialogue.. on Ram n Sita’s milan..Shiva tells Parvati devi that she’ll have a pivotal role to play in their milan,..
Parvati devi asks Shiva abt Sita’s childhood. He tells she herself has experienced how n when a girl becomes grown up!

They show Mithila’s scenes during Sita’s growing ages.
At Mithila people try to pick up Shiva’s bow, but fail to pick it..where as Sita picks the dhanush with ease

Every one observe this great event..

Parvati devi asks Mahadev who else can be a better guru than guru Vashisht for Ram?
Mahadev tells, there is one, who is best at yudhkala..
Parvati devi asks why doesn’t he take a form and teach his brother?
Mahadev tells that whenever Narayan takes a form he’ll be there forever to guide him..
They show Mahadev guiding Ram during archery (he took Parvati devi’s advice a little seriously !)

Update Credit to: sankalp

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