Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th February 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Sati searching for directions in the forest, but while walking she falls down and is hanging with the help of a tree. She screams for help and Mahadev comes there. Sati asks Mahadev for help by ordering him by saying that she’s Dakshyani and that she giving him a chance to do a good deed once in his lifetime, but Mahadev says that this is a forest and no laws are allowed here.
Finally Mahadev lends her a helping hand, but she stops him saying that she cannot touch a stranger as she’s a girl and these laws are made by her father. Mahadev tells her same thing that this is a forest and that her father laws won’t work here and such give rise to differences. Finally makes a rope from a tree and throws towards her. Sati holds the

rope and climbs up safely. Sati thinks that her clothes are now dirty and she decides to clean herself.
At Indralok, Indra is happy to see Kamadev. Kamadev tells him that he’s here for a work assigned to him by Brahma and Vishnu. Indra wanted to know about the work, but Kamadev refuses to tell. But Kamadev asks Indra whether he could ask other gods from his court room for his work. Indra agrees to this and asks Kamadev to always come here.
At forest, Sati searches for a water source to clean her clothes, but all the way she’s thinking about Mahadev and their behaviour. She reaches to the water source and is shocked to see Mahadev there. She asks him as to why he did not tell her about the water source to which Mahadev says that how would he know what she’s thinking. Sati tells him that he should understand by seeing her situation. Mahadev quenches his thirst and sleeps there. Sati is shocked to see Mahadev sleeping there and so in order to see that he’s asleep he tries to wake him up and finally seeing him asleep she places a leaf on his face.
At Daksh place, Rishi Bhrigu tells Daksh that all the preparation for yagna is done and he should come. Daksh about why his soldiers are weak in handling responsibilities when Rishi Bhrigu is there. Rishi Bhrigu assures Daksh that no further incidents like this will happen in future. Rishi Kashyap tries to tell Daksh that Sati will be fine, but Daksh does not listen to him. He in turn that he (Kashyap) is not serious about the situation and a storm is going to come.
At forest, Mahadev sees a couple of bird together, this makes Mahadev happy. But suddenly one of them falls down, catches fire and is dead. Seeing this Mahadev becomes more anxious and finally brings the bird back to life. Seeing Mahadev situation, at Ksheersagar, Vishnu tells Narad that seeing bird couple has made Mahadev more anxious & he tried to save them the same way he tired for the deer. Narad asks Vishnu when will this end, to which Vishnu tells him that if Mahadev is a question, Mahadev is the answer.
At forest, Sati comes to the same tree which she had marked earlier, still lost thinking about Mahadev behaviour towards her. She’s also worried that she is lost had reached her home and that everyone will be worried. Suddenly Mahadev comes there, Sati tells him that he was following her, but Mahadev clears her misconception by telling her that she should look at the tree once again and this proves that she was following him. Saying this, Mahadev leaves for the cave. Sati wonders why she not saw the cave at first so that it would have avoided asking help to Mahadev.
Night comes and Sati feels that if she has to stay alive till morning she must make arrangements. But suddenly she hears some roaring, and she decides to climb a tree but due to her dress weight is unable to do so. So finally she decides to make fire to keep herself warm, until sees something.

Precap :- Sati is worried and starts to cry, Sati sees a cave, Vishnu tells Narad that Mahadev has realized that Sati is no ordinary women, Kamadev needs a strong arrow.

Update Credit to: kalyani_shiva

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