Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th February 2013 Written Update

At Kailsh all are sitting to eat, Parvati is in her thoughts, looks at Shivji , he too looks at her. Ganga tells her to sit with Shivji & eat. But Parvati says she is not hungry, will serve food to all. Ganga says it is due to happiness of the Bhavan in making. Parvati is serving Shivji, recollects his word of not using he powers for her child.
Vishvakarma is surprised at the news of Bhavan nirman at Kailash. Dashanan says he is an expert in Vastu shastra, will need his help in making the Bhavan. Vishvakarma says he’ll be glad to help. Dashanana says they’ll have to go to Alkapuri to meet his bro. Kuber first. Vishvakarma agrees.
Kuber is surprised at the news of Bhavan Nirman at Kailash & that too of Gold. Dashanan says he wants Gold from

his treasury. Kuber says whatever he has is Shivji’s. He’ll need Gold bricks, take my Pushpak Viman to carry them to Kailash. Dashanan refuses his offer, says his Shiv bhakti will make it possible.
Shivji tells Parvati she is falling in Moha first for the Bhavan, then for her daughter. She say she is thinking about what to answer Aayu & his wife, they must be buzy preparing for the wedding.
Aayu & his wife are at rishi Vashisth’s aashram, tells him, Nahush is here for few days, soon Mata Paravti will make him grow up & get Ashok Sundari married to him after taking shivji’s permission. Rishi Vashisth is surprised says his education is still left. Aayu tells him Nahush will continue his studies after his marriage.
Shivji tells Parvati, they can explain to Aayu. Paravti says it may not look good now. He tells her you are so much engrossed in Maya, won’t understand any of my words.
At Alakapuri, Dashanan is sitting with a veena. Lots of Gold in boxes & as bricks is in front of him. Vishvakarma asks him what is he upto? He says he’ll create so much strength with vibrations of music that they’ll carry anything. Kuber says he’s never heard about this. Dashanan says till date there wasn’t a Mahadev Bhakta like him. He starts playing Veena singing Shivji’s praise, leaves from ground starts flying. Shivji is watching this at Kailash. Dashanan stops singing & the leaves raised up falls down. He says my Mahadev has made an impossible possible.
At Kailash Nandi is cleaning Shivji’s aasan. Parvati asks him about Shivji. Suddenly sound of drum brings Kartikeya, Ganesh , Ashok Sundari , Ganas there. King Aayu’s Rajguru has come with shagun for Ashok sundari. He’s got a letter from Aayu for Shivji & paravti. The letter says, Shagun is being sent for Ashok Sundari, they are waiting for Nahush to be made eligible for marriage, the wedding date will be decided after your intimation. This letter is given to Parvati, saying King Aayu will be waiting for shagun for Nahush from them. They leave.
Ganga asks Parvati, isn’t it un-natural to make Nahush grown up before time? Ganesh is excited hearing about Nahush’s growing up.
Shivji is in Smashan at Kailash. Vishnuji comes, tells him he was not present when Shagun for his daughter’s marriage had come. Regarding making Nahush grow up, Parvati is Prakriti herself. Shivji says she is doing this for her personal gain, it is un-natural. Vishnuji asks what is the solution for this?

Precap: Ganga asks Parvati about her unhappy look after getting Ashok Sundari’s Shagun. She says this Shagun is accepted without Shivji agreeing for it.
Ganesh tells Shivji mother is going to make Nahush grow up.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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