Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th October 2013 Written Update

Malla makes a yantra, outside the cave. Wen asked by Mani he explains, this yantra will make them aware of that Girl, he has spread the rumour that they were seen on the border of this region. Whenever she enters any of these areas. This yantra covers 7 regions of this area. Once we know about her, we’ll kill her & get Ma Kali to stay with us forever. Mani is excitedly says Mata aayegi .
Aghora comes near that yantra, understands, decides to stop Mhalsa.
Brhmaji says M & M has energized this yantra with Mantra & Tantra. Mahadev will try to stop Mhalsa. Naradji asks Brhmaji what is the interpretation of this? Mahadev is part of Mata’s Leela or Mata is paart of Mahadev’s Leela? Brhmaji smiles.
Mhalsa on her Horse is in

search of M & M. Aghora stops her, asks her not to go further. She gets angry, attacks him with her Khadag. He is able to stop her. Banai comes there, tells her to stop. She goes back saying next time he won’t be able t stop her.
Banai tells Aghora, her father was killed by an Aghory, she can’t fall for one. Aghora says I’ll have to change my form for her. Banai helps him to dress up differently. He is Martand now.
Mai tells Mhalsa, she was worried for her. She should learn to control her anger. Banai comes with Martand, introduces him saying heis Martand, who saved Mhalsa today. Mhalsa is angry seeing him. Martand says get her married may be her anger will be controlled. Mai invites Martand for food, says Banai cooks well. Banai says she has learned whatever Mai has taught her. Mai says with practice it’s possible to learn anything. This makes Mhalsa more angry, she leaves. Mangal is angry at Martand & Yallkoti recognizes who is Martand. Mangal goes to call Mhalsa. Mai & Banai goes inside to cook.
Yallakoti offeres sashtang pranam to Martand. Says, he knew this region will witness his presence. First Mata Ganga arrived, then Mat Paravti, so Mahadev had to come. He asks Martand, why is he not able to finish his poem. His Music has left him. He only sees Yallakoti Jay Jay, even in dream. Help me in compeleting my poerm. Mahadev tells him, it’s your poem at the right time it will complete. Wait for the circumstances to be created for that.
While eating, Mhalsa is still angry. Mangal needs water,s he offers him immidiatey, serves Rice too. Martand wants to be served too but she doesn’t. Mai scolds her for her behaviour. She asks her to come inside the kitchen. Martand says may be your Mai wants to speak to you alone. Mai looks at Martand, he smiles.
Inside the kitchen. Mai tells her, your mother can offer him only food for saving you today, so be polite. She asks, Martand was able to control her Khadag today, is it true? It’s happened for the first time. Mhalsa says her attention was diverted. Mai say if he can control you with your Khadag then he can looks after you for the entire life.
Martand seems to approve Mai.

Precap: Malla says Aghora is back. He asks other Aghories to get Yallakoti. They get him.
Mhalsa is showing her fighting skills to Martand, who replys with Khadag too.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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