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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev does discussion with saptrishi. He says, people time to time think about his manner and he will not do it then people moves away from his path. Saptrishi says, can we change it. Mahadev says, we already have option, if people can distract from path but if people focus on his aim. Everybody fulfil his duties. Father gives knowledge to his son. Its all nature happening. Mahadev ask from kartikaye, do you want to say something. Kartikaye says, devraj cannot control his manners but then also he got throne. Mahadev says, devraj is just like indriya. Indra got so many option but he has done so many wrong things and he has got bad results from it. Saptrishi says, how we will outcome from it. Mahadev says, forget everything, and realize himself. If people will realize

himself then he can choose his motive.
Kronch meet with banasur in his fort. Kronch says, i need your help. Dev raj indra says, no guru dev, if banasur will help kronch then i cannot defeat kronch. Dev guru says, if you will again get late then everything will loose. Devraj indra says, what can i do. Dev guru says, if every path closed then just go to mahadev. Dev raj says, but first of all i will try to show something to banasur.
Mata thinks about previous incident. Mahadev calls her and says, water is finished. Mata says, i cannot control my present by my future. i want to realize everything but i cannot control myself. Firstly i was worried to stay away from you then my parents behaviour. I dont know the reason but it will happen. I just want that my parents will not hurt. Mahadev says, if you want then go with them. Mata says, why are you saying this swami. mahadev says, their existence will make you happy. family is just like tree and every branch play his role. banasur says, you want to war with your father. kronch says, my family wants to hurt me thats why i am also eager to hurt them.
Mahadev says, if any part of tree is rotten down then it is good to cut it off. Kronch says to banasur, if you will help me then nobody can defeat me.
Rishi augustya worship to mahadev and think about mahadev conversation and says, please arise prabhu, so many question is arising in my mind. rishi augustya says, you have given knowledge and your wordings is pointing towards kronch. I think my curse will make is now fulfil. I should have be happy but i am not.
banasur wife says to him, that you have lost your thousand of hands by done wrong work and this time again, you are again doing wrong. Banasur says, i have given oath to him if i will not beat him until evening and i didnt do this. he wants his right and his family opposing him and if it is wrong then mahadev will indicate me. vani says, i am with you but i dont know i am not feeling well this time.
Mata does meditation and she sees future incident and get worried. Now so many things is cleared, and i am feeling so alone. i am becoming so far from you. Mahadev says, i can show everything but i want that you realize it by own. I want to set example that if anything will happen in world then shiv and shakti will always be in world to help them.

Precap:- Kronch warns to himalaya and says, this is your last night in this fort and mata reaches there and says, if you will stop your bad work then you will face to adi shakti.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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