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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with asurs breaks the door and all the ladies trying to defend it but the door was broken down. Raja ordered to all asur to go inside and bring back to gayatri.
All the ladies compete with soldiers and beat the soldiers, soldier inform to raja then raja ordered to asurs to bring back gayatri. Asur enters into home. Brokers says, today we will
fight for honesty otherwise we will die. Broker says, now we have to call adi shakti. Ladies worship devi adi shakti and then mata turns into adi shakti and kill all asurs in one shot.
Raja enters into the house and see that devi gayatri killed all the asur and gets frightened. Mata says,
you have insulted all the ladies and you have insulted me too. YOu are such kind of person who insult women
and think women

as playing thing and now i will kill you durdum. Durdum runs to save his life and mata follows him.
Durdum reaches to meet mahadev and says, save my life with your wife. Durdum says, leave me devi and please forgive me.
Please forgive me, if i will die then this state will become orphan. Mata says, what happens durdum? Where is your force?
YOU always force to your people to use their wife but now look durdum, this is women power!!!! you are begging in front
of women but your sin is not unforgivable and this is your last time. Just think your evil before you die. Durdum goes into flashback.
Mata says, now look, how will these people live against your exploitation and lady will kill you. Durdum says, please mata forgive me. Mata says,
now you will not left. Mahadev stops mata and turned into his real face. Everybody gets surprised. Raja durdum feels guilty on his evil and say sorry to mahadev and mata.
God, please give one chance to correct my error. Mata says, everybody will trying to correct his error in front of death but
your evil is unforgivable and he will not let be lived and if he will not get killed then it is bad for these peoples.
Mahadev says, people will give him punishment. Mata says to broker and all ladies, raja has given bad with you and now you can give punishment to him.
This is your time. Ladies says, we will give punishment by forgiving you, we all forgive you becaue of mata parvati or mahadev, this is your punishment. Mahadev says, women is always complete but you are uncomplete, they can give you order of death, you have done wrong to complete
your uncompleteness. Now this village will decide your fortune.

Precap:- Raja says, please show me path God, Mahadev says, just think about your evil and then you will get a new life.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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