Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th January 2013 Written Update

As Mahadev sits in the colds of the mountains… far from Kailash ..Mata Parvati passes by that way and gives a look at him and proceeds to Manasarovar. As she stands their pouting, Mahadev appears there and smiles at her as if coaxing her!

Cutest scene..
Parvati ma asks why did he go there after her?
Shiva replies (Like a dutiful husband)that she stopped him from entering Kailash, but not talking to her.
She replies why did he restrict himself from Kailash just cause she said so!
If he was so sincere her remaining problems would also have been solved!

She says that, certainly she was mad at him that’s why she stopped him, but didn’t he wish at least to persuade her! Without wasting a minute he proceeded for this the amount of importance she holds to him.

Now Mahadev comes to justify that “I was a Viragi once and I fell for you. This feeling of Love for you will always be there in me. And you should know that you are married to a viragi and the bondage, care, moh all these are not my nature.”

“To get completely engrossed in doing (karm) is the duty of a married -life!
And Doing ones karma and being detached is viragy!
But I found viragy in my grihas (family)life! The world can run only with the corporation of Purush and Prakriti; but to run a family Purush has to help Prakriti. You have to look after your family as well along with the world. Its time that Purush becomes the companion of Prakriti by all means ” explains Parvati devi

My PoV
Looks like the main motive for this concept popping out at such weird time is to raise awareness or even enlighten the Chauvinistic mind set of some people… No offense to Mahadev- he was a viragi and hence didn’t know the rules of marriage n the life succeeds. This was greatly misunderstood by some of our ancestors and women were made to suffer!
And the same mind set continues. When a women is not respected among her near n dears ie in her own house..there is a very less scope that she is seen with high accords outside or even in her own relations!
All this citing to how there is a very staunch dogmatic mind set that onlt women are responsible for the family and kids, and not the man ;also how they are treated these days in their own homes and outside.
I like the deep rooted hint that the CVs are trying to put.

Parvati devi asks why is he silent at this and doesn’t he has to say something about it?
Shiva says that he has already given her tthe answers for her quests.

Parvati ma now ponders when?
She then says that she has to bathe and Mahadev leaves.

After Mahadev leaves she says “The love with which I got you, that very love will make you a family man from a viragi. You can create a new world, now you have to create a new self”

Back at the south.. Kartikeya is fully charged to follow his mama Shri’s advice.. he tells Ganesh to inform everyone at Kailash about it..Ganesh says that he is not supposed to go without his big bro!
Ganesh says since he has pormised his mother he cannot take it back.. When Kartikeya explains him that in their absence their mother would be worried, Ganesha says that he has no other go…he just can’t break the promise and says he would help his big bro seeing the affection Kartikeya creases GAnesh’s head.

Mahadev doesn’t dare to go back to Kailash after his wife’s order… Vishnu dev appears and they greet each other. Mahadev says that he was remembering him at this time of need.

Sansari Vishnu resides in the heart of Viragi Shiv and vice verse. thus there is balance in the world says Vishnudev.

Parvati ma arrives there at that moment. She again gives those pouting looks at her Shiva and tries to ignore him. (Parvati ma is all pink this week.)

Vishnudev says to Parvati devi that he has solved her problem.
He says that he has told Katikeya the real reason behind his guilt and also the way of redemption. Kartikeya is now making a Shivling and is gonna start his prayers.

Hearing this devi Pavati feels happy that her son is going to come back and at the same time gives Mahadev angry looks

Then Mahadev speaks “But before that, Kartikeya has to pass a test”

Krtikeya and Ganesh now try to find a rock with which they can make a Shivling.
Ganesh points to a rock saying that it would be good choice for making he Shivling… Ganesh says that their father’s reflection can be clearly seen, Kartikeya lifts the rock up and agrees to his kid brother’s say.

Then Kartikeya starts shaping the stone into Shiv ling..Ganesh watches his big bro do it, he also warns Kartikeya to be careful.. and in a moment Kartikeya hurts himself.

Back to Manasarover..Shiv says that though Kartikeya has understood the way of getting free from his remorse but he has to redeem which can only be possible when one has the feeling of viragy, sacrifices, help, happiness in their mind, which can only be done by testing one.

Parvati devi fumes at this and says he has to take the test of his own son. Even she was put to test by him.
Examiner Shiva says whosoever prays me they have to give a common exam!

Ganesh brings medicine for Kartikeya, he cutely puts the medicine with his golu hands onto the hand of his elder bro!

Parvati ma says if it is to test Kartikeya’s behavior, faith and devotion then he can so take the test.. she says that she has complete faith in her son’s victory.(Like the kinda challenge btw them… striving so hard to make their family complete )

At last the Shiv ling is ready.. Ganesh appreciates Kartikeya for his devotion and hard work. GAnesh feels that the ling is the mirror image of their father..saying so he bows towards the ling and pays his respect.

They clean the ling with water.

Then an old man with red robs walks towards them(our santa- Mahadev)…
The man pays his respect to the SHivling and praises the Shiv ling.
Ganesh flaunts that his brother has made it.

The old man tells, had he had energy in his body he too would have made a Shivling and would have prayed it, doing so life would have become successful and look at the irony, when my end is near I am unable to serve my Mahadev!

Kartikeya tries to understand his plight… the man again folds his hands in reverence to Mahadev and tries to leave.

Precap: KArtikeya gives away the Shiv ling which he has made with so much effort.. then again when they try to find another stone they encounter a man who owns the land they are standing..and if they wish to take a stone from his land they have to fight a way against him.

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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