Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with sati roaming around the forest and trying to find her way. Suddenly she sees a grass growth and beyond that there is a tiger. She steps back in fear and the tiger moves forwrd. As she does so the tiger jumps towards her but Mahadev comes in the way. The tiger becomes small and jumps towards Mahadev but Mahadev takes him on his trishul and throws it away.

After that Mahadev turns back and starts to walk away. Sati runs behind him. She asks him many questions.She says you are the one who saved me eatlier too right. Thank you for saving me. She asks who are you? What are you doing in this forest? Why is this forest so different? That incomplete idol was yours wasnt it? VBBut Mahadev does not answer any of her questions and keeps walking. She

says she is Dakshayani and no one can ignore her this way . I command you to stop. Mahadev stops. Sati thin ks he stopped because of her. But he stops turns back walks towards her and and passes her and helps a pigeon . Sati gets annoyed at this ignoring

At Kheesrasagar Kaamdev says he is ready to do this work and bring Shiv and shakti togather.Vishnu ji says its time when the coming together of Shiv and Shakti has started but its also a time when a great problem is going to surface

Aditi and Kyati are very worried, The mantri tells them he could not find sati and that they have sent message to there father. Khyati tells him to keep trying and they will wait maybe Sati will return on her own or maybe father will come

At forst Sati feels that why this person is ignoring me, She feels maybe this is his plan to make me alone and then surround her. She thinks he is mannerless . And why is he so proudy. She thinnks as she is Dakshayani she should be proud but she is not.She again sees Mahadev and runs after him. She asks him why he saved her and why he attacked her previously

Mahadev says you have lost your way go and find it. Sati says help me. He says find it yourself

Sati feels he is being very rude She decides to find her way herself. She thinks she will not ask him. If he had not spoken to her she would have thoughytv of him as a strange being of this forest onlyShe starts marking the trees so that she knows which direction she is moving

Angira says to Satvish why did you send Mantri there what if someone comes to know? Satvish says no one will remain alive to tell. Satvish tells him to prepare for becoming Prajapati

Kamdev comes to a forest place and turns it into a beautiful garden with lake and pretty trees. He thinks he is the cause of all activity between man and women and today he will be the cause of coming together of Shiv and Shakti. He thinks that this is a auspicious deed and he has to do it no matter what the outcome

Precap: Daksha says the chakravat and no news of Sati is a signal of something bad happenibg. Sati is still wondering about Mahadev

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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