Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th May 2013 Written Update

Mahadev guides Parvati devi towards samadhi…

Rishi Dhadhic’s words about the Koshas & chakras echo in her, while she meditates.
The Pancha kosh again…

“How soul is wrapped in 5 layers .. One of the lowest level is Avidhya (ignorance) .
On the activation of First Muladhar chakr one can get rid of Ananmaya Kosh.
She sees herself over coming that layer…”
Hearing herself saying “This is the start and this destination too ” (huh.. funny almost an year back I did this very update of Parvati devi getting enlightened writing the update all over again Gosh times runs so fast.. frankly I dnt remember any of the past years moments of updating things )

Moving on… the first chakra of devi Parvati gets activated..

then she hears rishi Dhadhich say

” After the Ananmaye Kosh she is leveled to Pranmayee kosha.. this layer comprises of prana (or the life force). Its holds together the body and the mind.
After getting rid of Paranmaye kosh by the activation of the chakra above nabhi (navel) there lies Vigmay kosh which is responsible for a human’s entanglements of malignity where greed becomes an integral part of one’s life! ”

Mata Parvati’s cakras get activated as she recollects her been enlightened by rishi Dhatdhich.
“After Pranamaye kosh comes Hriday chakra by activation of this chakra one can control their thoughts and reflections to a certain extent. ”

And then comes Anandmayee kosh.. which on activation makes a person serene, happy and calm in any situation!
When one stays in equanimity in both happiness and sadness they get rid of the Anandmaye kosh

Mahadev guides Parvati devi to accept her past and her Adi Shakto roop… at this very place someone took samadhi and now she is gonna take.

Vishnu dev and Brhma dev with their respective consorts observe this.

Back here Vrinda explains Jal that its not wrong to be scared… even the coward get saced but the difference between them and the brave is that the later accept that they are sacred.

She explains him abt the fear of having someone above them.. isn’t facing the fear better than running away from it?
She asks him to get rid of the fear… talk it out..with someone if not she!
She asks him to break free of his worries.. a wife has he greed of knowing his fears ..but being his doctor she knows just the person with whom he needs to talk it out with.

Parvati devi is in her meditation with her chakras activated.. heading towards samadhi.. Shiva blesses her with his grace to attain samadhi (remember Shiva- is Adhi guru and without the guru’s grace n blessing one can’t get samadhi so easily)

And talking abt guru and his grace…Jal does as his wife says.. he goes to his guru who just finished his meditation.

Jal tells asur guru that he wants to talk to him…
Mahadev puts his hand over devi Parvati’s head and takes her a step further towards samadhi… he hopes the next time when they meet she’d remember who-he-is as she would know who-she-is!

Jal on the other hand discuss “what is it that can make Mahadev weak, as everyone has weakness..which can make one go on their knees.. so long I have directly attacked my enemies but now I’ll make a plan. What will cause Mahadev to become weak? I have asked this quest to my guru and not Mahadev bhakt”
Shukrachrya replies “devotion”
On countered by Jal Shukrachary reviles that true devotion towards him sometimes can become Mahadev’s weakness.

The guru asks Jal to become a true devote of Mahadev… Jal retorts saying that its against his principles really?
Then Jal gets an idea of meeting the devotes of Mahadev… Jal again pokes “If a guru ever triumphs a Mahadev bhakt will you help me? Will you tell me wo is the first amongst his devote?”
Shukrachary says there is one devote who is very close to Mahadev- Parshuram. Who happens to be the 6th reincarnation of Vishnudev and who also have become an ardent devote of Mahadev from whom Parshuram has learnt war fare. He always keep an axe with him which was gifted by Mahadev to him.

SHukrachary narrates him a story of Parshurama’s life.. “As Parshuram became the devote of Mahadev and got an axe as a gift from him.. Back there his father Jamadagni too did great deeds seeing which Indr dev gave him Kamdhenu – divine calf so that he can take care of everyone… then a king Kartavirya who wished to aquire it.. on rejected by Jamadagni he killed the calf… due to which Parshuram’s mother Renuka perished! And on retuning home Parshuram gets to know all and he kills the greedy king with his axe. And thenceforth he is sited with that very axe in that very mood”

Shukrachary contiunes.. “Once when he was stopped by Ganesh and Kartikeya on meeting Mahadev.. after a heated argument he threw his axe towards Ganesh and Ganesh lost his tooth! ”

Ganesh adn Kartikeya wait out side the cave..

Mahadev arrives, Ganesh is excited to know abt his mother’s memory retrieval!
All the devtas with their resp consort arrive and appreciate Mahadev for the Ashtang yog!

Shiva says that though she is in her meditation on her path to samadhi he has to get into samadhi too for her.. .as she wont be having any idea of the outside world.
Mahadev asks his sons to take care outside the cave and except him no one should enter it!

Jal goes to meet Parshuram..who was meditating on ‘Om Namah Shivay’, so Jal decides to wait.
He observes all around him.. and also that the uttering of Om namha SHivay has stopped… as he turns back Parshuram holds his axe pointing towards him…

As Jal asks if he is a Mahadev’s devote and has learnt his skill from the god himself.. Parshuram scares him with his axe funny scene!(Feel he has some part of Johny depp in him!)

Jal says that its his honour to meet such a great warrior and that he has great respect for his
Parshuram says “dnt u take Mahadev’s name from ur dirty mouth.. yeh I know who u are.. so his bad deeds”

There is something – some — which Mahadev has and so do I and thta is where I need focus. that very entity of his which is also in me- I’ll revive it!” says Jal

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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