Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 17th July 2013 Written Update

Mahadev tells Parvati, an event will happen, which will reduce his Putra moha. A pious child will lead him to the path of selecting his way. I’ll warn him now.
Dasharath is in forest for Aakhet.
Mahadev disguised as Kirat meets Dasharath. He praises his sense of identifying things. Dasharath says he can throw Shabdabhedi baan by hearing the sound. He moves ahead. Kirat stops him, asks is it right for a king to come for Aakhet? Dasharath tells him even he does the same. Kirat says he is doing to satisfy his hunger but for a king it is not required. Dasharath doesn’t agree with his reasoning.
Shravan is taking his blind parents for pilgrimage. They are thirsty. Shravan goes to take water for them.
Kirat asks Dasharath to think before throwing

his baan. Any kind of Moha is painful be it of Aakhet or his Putra moha. He disappears.
Shravan is filling water in a pot. That sound makes Dasharath think some animal has come to drink water. He closes his eyes, throws his shabdabhedi baan. Hearing Sharvan’s voice he runs to him. He asks hiw what is he doing here? He says I am Shravan, taking my parents for Char Dham yatra. Dasharath says he’ll take him to Ayodhya, will get him treated there. But Shravan asks him to take water to his thirsty parents. Dasharath asks his forgiveness . Shravan says only his parents can forgive him.
Mahadev is sad.
Dasharath takes water to Shravan’s parents. His father recognizes he is not sharvan, asks who are you. Ayodhya naresh Dasharath. Shravan’s asks has anything happened to her son? Why he himself is not here? Dasharath says their son is no more. They ask him how did he die? Dasharath says he died due to my baan, but I wasn’t aware of him being there. What were his last words? Asks the mother. Forgive me, I couldn’t complete your Char Dham’s yatra. Were his last words. They are crying. Dasharath gives them water. Shravan’s father throws that pot saying my son’s blood is on it, I can’t take this. Return our son. If you can’t return our son then we can’t live without him. We, Shravan’s parents are cursing you, even you’ll die crying for your son.
Parvati asks what is happening in that forest? Mahadev says Dasharath had come for Aakhet but is returning now giving Agnidaha to Shravan & his parents. He is scared this curse may come true?
He comes back to his palace, is happy meeting Ram.

Precap: King Janak is plouing land. Finds a very very cute baby. Janak & Sunayana are very happy seeing her. Shivji & Parvati appear there, he names her Sita.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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