Devon ke Dev Mahadev 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 17th February 2014 Written Update

Mahadev in woods slice the extra wood of a log in order to give it a shape of a damru..
Back here Sati and her sisters are worried abt their safety..Sati feels that someone is calling her..she has to be there somewhere else..she still feels being limited by something…the sister say she always wanted to be free and away from the palace and now when she got the opportunity to get out of the palace walls why does she feel that..
Sati says that its all weird -unstable for her too and it all started after her jungle fiasco.
They feel the stanger they saw showed himself to harm them..they feel the guy is a jungle man and thus the followers who fought their soldiers went behind him..Then they ask her to rest for they have to cross the jungle till sunset

the next day. Sati goes in with a promise to the stranger that whoever he might be she’d somehow find him for sure.

Nandi and gang search for Mahadev…Nandi finds a burnt leaf… he feels Mahadev could have gone that way..when asked abt surety and the fight.. Nandi sternly says that Mahadev can finish the world at one blow no one can ever harm him nor even can touch him..they better not waste their time and search.

Then Mahadev tries to make the damru out of the log..

In the morning as Sati walks alone… Satbheej’s person comes to her and ask her to move ahead with them..on asked who he was, he replies that he has been sent by Satbheej and that their minister has gone back to the palace to inform abt their location n stuff to Daksha.
The guy after Sati leaves says that he will finish even her as he did to their minister.

Vishnuji shares that the instrument will pacify Mahadev and Sati.. it will pull them both together..and bring peace and warmth to the world.

After the damru is made Mahadev sound tests it.

The sisters here.. discuss abt them going back..they still haven’t informed Sati abt them going back…as they feel her health may deteriorate.

The guy sent my Satbheej instructs the assassin- bow shooter to aim right and kill Dakshainis as he did to the minister and as Satbheej has ordered the attack should be so cruel that she should be finished even before getting any medical help.

As the assassin targets his bow towards Sati..Mahadev plays the damru..the vibes of it propagates in the atmosphere and it can be heard and felt from afar… this disturbs the shooter’s focus. Sati on hearing this is mesmerized and walks into the jungle..

Shiva plays the damru which gives solace to him..where as Sati is pulled towards it sound..(DKDM title plays..the music piece and song never get old..its so divine…like the first time) so much so that she comes deep into the forest without even realizing it…and when the sound stops.. Sati realizes that she has lost her way..

She moves in the forest  to find a way out of it..and worries as her sisters must have been freaking out on er absence… she walks and walks..

Maahdev too wanders in the forest..with each step of his a trait of fire emits…which burns the dry leaves…

Then she moves on.. but at every step of Mahadev the fire spreads..where as the fire is reduced by Sati’s presence..dnt know from where the water came from .if he was fire..she was the cooling element- water.

At one point they cross ways but in different lanes of the same place…

now dawns upon Sati’s sisters that she is missing and they search for her..they rant the soldiers for their recklessness…but also realize that they themselves where so.. they fear dakasha’s reaction on this and
try to search hard

Sati walks to find her way..and so does Shiva… Sati finds a mud pond and
observes the half made idol made by Mahadev..she feels it v familiar- as if that was the missing piece of her work, her imagination- the drawing she wished to complete..

Brhmdev infroms Kam dev to carry on his work with care.. Where as Kamdev replies that he has still not been given permission to start the task of bringing Mahadev n AdiShakti togther. Sati chases Mahadev..she tells him that she has lost her way and also asks if he lives there or is he searching for someone..?

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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