Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th May 2013 Written Update

Maa and her betas…aka Parvati, Kartikeya and Ganesh reach the Amarnath ki gufaji…and Parvati is wondering whether her guru has not arrived…and apne Gannubhai says that ” is it possible that he has not come?’ and Voila we find poor Guruji hunched at the door front…he tells Parvati that she has excelled in his every command ..she has overcome all the stages of Yam Niyam Aasan Pranayam Pratyahaar Dhaarna and Dhyaan and they need to now find her last stage : Samadhi…

He tells his both sons to stand outside and takes Parvati inside the cave, where she gets the flashbacks in sunstreak mode..aka she remembers her first arrival to greet Mahadev, but sees Mahadev in such bright light that she can only make out the outline in her memories…she asks her

Guru whether her swami has been here…

The clan who is watching the live telecast, aka Vishnuji, Laxmiji Brahmadev and Saraswatiji all smile in group …(The camera man said Cheessseee) and Laxmiji says that you had to feel this but she still feels sad on thinking about Mahadev and his plight (True..and imagine Mohit’s plight…poor thing juggling with 3 different looks in one epi) Vishnuji says that this is all Adishakti ki Leela which she is doing for the last time, before returning to her old self! Again the “Say cheese” session

Mahadev tells Parvati that she is right, this has been her Swami’s Samadhi Sthal and that he has been so bereft without her
He instructs her to sit in the Yoga position and close her eyes to start the process of slipping into Samadhi…

Jhallu is wandering along in his castle and crosses some soldiers practising sword fight (Again…looked like Dandiya practise going on…Arrey bhai…Navratri is still away Abhi se to Dayaben bhi practise nahi karti)

Jhallu is oblivous to all this, he goes and slumps on his throne without saying a word…Shukracharya gets worried seeing this..

Mahadev is instructing Kartikeya and Ganesh to stand guard at the cave and that nothing should disturb the last phase of Parvati’s meditation…

Shukracharya goes to Vrinda who is praying Narayan…Vrinda starts lamenting the moment he comes and wonders whether his silence can be a bad omen..because seeing Mahadev should have given him peace and he should have slipped into meditation, but that has not happened (Ab light bulb is defective toh fuse kya karega!!) and hence it is the silence before the storm…(Vrinda knows her swamii so well)
Shukracharya finally gets a chance to speak and he says that it was the precise reason he had come for and Vrinda HAS to bring Jhallu back on tracks…There is no other option (arrey Jhalu hai, Raiilgaadi thodi na jo ussey track par le aayenge siti baja ke)

Kartikeya and Ganesh outside the cave having a chit chat…Kartikeya gets all emotional thinking that they have got their mother back, but their mother has still not recognized their father and what e must be sufferring (hmmm jab tak Parvati doesnot get her memories back, the makeup man poor thing has to do over-over-time!!) (Loved the goody goody bonding between the brothers)

Mahadev guiding Parvati in her phase of Samadhi as she has flashes of memory of her coming over here for the first time after she realized her purpose and birth as Parvati…Mahadev is telling her as she is in deep meditation that Samadhi is the last phase, untiil now whatever we had done had a method, But Samadhi doesnot. It springs from Faith…so she should put all her faith and fear in her Guru and forget everything! Dont fear the fall because Samadhi is endless and keep your eyes closed, lose your fear and lose herself in Samadhi!

(I kind of liked how Mahadev stands behind her and guides her through…like the voice in her head, her conscience guiding her through…)

Precap: Jhallu wants to know what makes Mahadev weak (Jhallu, you can try learning how to make kheer, that probably works…Mahadev telling all that in order to help Parvati he himself would have to go into Samadhi!)

Update Credit to: Srushti

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