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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Raja Durdum telling Gyanmurty that he’s defeated and Mahatap has won and the reason is that you cannot prove that king is superior. Mahatap thanks Durdum for considering for the post of Amatya.

Gyanmurty gets frustrated and starts poring out his anger on the king. He says that you are here because of me. I have given you this position, and now the time has come to kill you. He reminds the king of how his daughter died because the king gave more importance to his horse and its competition rather than the life of his daughter and hence he did not send vaidya. He then orders his demons to kill the king.

But to Gyanmurty’s shocked they did not follow his orders. The king then tells him he did smell something when he (Gyanmurty) brought the demons and hence I bought them from my side. Even if I drink that does not mean I do not understand anything. And he orders the demons to kill Gyanmurty.

But Mahatap interferes and stops the king from giving punishment and the world will lose a great scholar. The king agrees, nd says for life time he live on my favours and leaves from there. Seeing the politeness of Mahatap, Gyanmurty ask why did you save my life. To this Mahatap says that to make you understand your mistake.

Mahatap then says to gyanmurty what good has happened when you want to take revenge. Revenge does not do anything good. You are one of the greatest devotees of Devi Saraswati and you have insulted her by education a money affair. Gyanmurty realizes his mistake and decides to fix all the bad he has done.

There at vaikunth, Narayana tells Laxmi that the time has come for Gyanmurty to know what he’ll be doing now. There, Gyanmurty falls in front of Mahatap and says to him that he feels like he’s speaking in front of god. Mahatap says that now from now onwards you spread good knowledge about education and promote free of cost education.

Precap: – Gayatri kills all the soldiers with her trishul (trident); king Durdum comes there and Gayatri looks at him with anger.

Update Credit to: Kalyani_Shiva

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