Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th January 2013 Written Update

Shivji blesses Kartikeya, tells Ganesh to get back as Kartikeya will come later, he needs some time. Ganesh says even he can’t return to Kailash without kartikeya.
At Vaikuntha, Brhmaji tells Vishnuji, after Ganesh’s arrival auspiciousness has returned to the world but Shivji’s family is disturbed. Viashnuji says there is something good in whatever Shivji does. Naradji asks what is that good in such circumstances?
Kartikeya moves ahead. Ganesh follows him.
At Kailash Parvati asks many questions to Shivji about her sons as everyone is waiting to welcome him. Shivji says he has met Kartikeya , who has realized his mistake, is disturbed, doesn’t want to return now, but he will be back soon. Paravti asks about Ganesh. Shivji says as per the promise given to you, he’ll return only with his bro.
Parvati scolds Shivji, how can you return without them, you are angry with Kartikeya that’s why you didn’t try well. Shivji says he had told her he will not interfere with Kartikeya’s decision. Parvati tells him in a family one has to make other wanted, keep everyone together, can not allow them to do whatever they want. You have to control them. What if Ganesh too doesn’t return? I want both my sons back at Kailash. Shivji says you are angry right now. Paravti says my anger will not calm down till you wan’t get them back & if you’ll return without them, I’ll leave Kailash forever. Shivji tells her, there is no need for you to leave Kailash. If this is your wish then I’ll not come back to Kailash.
At Vaikunth, Lakshmiji asks Vishnuji, is it right on Paravti’s part to act in this manner? Isn’t she insulting Shivji? Vishnuji answers this is not an insult of Mahadev, their relation is very special, no one can insult him. Even he knows Parvati’s not allowing him to return to Kailash is actually her love. This infact is the battle of Mahadev with Mahadev himself. A Mahadev who has become Grihasth from Vairagi.
At Kailash, Parvati is thinking, did she scold Shivji too much in anger? Now how will she get him back? Nandi comes, tells her it’s time for food. She tells him to give food to all the Ganas & keep for Shivji too. She can’t eat anything in her son’s absence, is worried, have they eaten anything or not? Nandi says even he & other Ganas will not eat anything.
Ganesh gets some fruits for Kartikeya, tells him to eat from his younger bro’s hand. Kartikeya repents for his attitude for Ganesh. Says if you are near me, I’ll never be able to overcome my guilt, give me some time & go from here. Ganesh says, ok I’ll leave but eat this fruits, even mother must be worried for the same. Kartikeya is in tears.
Ganesh is thinking about his promise of getting his bhaiyya back given to his mother. What should he do now? Who will help him?
Shivji is at Maan sarovar, is sad, puts his hands in water . picks up some in his hands, sees all the past events in that, Sati, his marriage with Parvati, all the happy moments spent with her, Ganesh, Kartikeya.

Precap: Shivji is thinking there was a time when he was able to concentrate on dhyan but the feeling of being incompelete used to be always dominant.
Vishnuji tells Kartikeya, a sin of killng a bhakta is on him, that is controlling his thought & behaviour. He shows him way of prayaschitt for that. Ganesh is with him too. Kartikeya seems to be making an idol from sand.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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