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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with broker comes and says to mata gayatri and warned her and says, run away from here. Raja is coming, just go away. SOldier comes and run away all the ladies. Raja
comes and gets happy to see mata. Raja sees mata and says, it is not possible, i will not identify whom i am searching. I will identify you anywhere if you will hide. You are in my heart
and i compared you with every women but you are only one. Mata says, respect the women otherwise it will bad for you. YOu are insulting me not giving respect. Raja says, i meet with so many women
but they frightened with me but you are first women who gets angry on me. Raja says, i like your anger. Mata says, i am married so be in your limit. Raja ask about mata’s husband. SOldier tells about

husband. Raja says, your husband does against law of state. I will sacrifice you anything for your beauty and i will do anything of your husband, if you will say then i will appoint him as minister
or else if you will say i will give him death. I will do anything for you. Raja says, your husband does have manner because you are so beautiful and you have to spent your life in luxury not spent your life in these
peoples, but you have still time left, come with me, you will lead this country. YOu will become rani. Mata says, but you are not like to become raja. GO raja, just go away!!!!
RAJA says. if i will order then my soldier lift you and bring you at fort but i dont want to do this because i want that you will come to fort with your own. I will give you time but if you dont accept my proposal then i will
do anything. Think about my proposal else your decision will give bad result on this country. Broker scolded to mata and says, why didnt you go from this place. THen mata says, ok, we all will go from this place because we are not safe
in this place. Womanizer is greatest power and if anyone will give challenge it then it will get killed.
Laxmi ji ask from vishnu, what kind of relation of saraswati returning back from this incident. VIshnu ji says, mahadev will give new lesson to whole world.
Mahadev reaches in assembly for shastrath. Gyan murti inform to raja then raja says, kill that person because he is husband of that lady. Raja starts shastrath.
Gyan murti ask from mahadev, what kind of thing is that if it will stolen then man will not get pained. mahadev says, lobh. GYan murti gets trapped in his own trap.
THen mahadev ask from gyan murti, what will we see first? Gyan murti then gives right of 2 question but gives 3rd answer wrong then he gives all answer wrong. THen
gyan murti says, you asked my question then gyan murti says, raja is GOd, he can do anything.
Vishnu ji says, mahadev gone there to complete this chapter. Mahadev tell man to bring light and then man unlightens it then mahadev says, ok now tell your raja to again
light it up but not with artificial power, do it own and if he can stop sun set then tell him to dont let it happen..

Precap:- Mahadev teaches a lesson to gyan murti then gyan murti gets frustrated and denoted himself as a winner and order to give masoleum to mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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