Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th July 2013 Written Update

Nandi feels the arrival of Mahadev n Parvati devi, which he shares with the rest of the ganas..
They all get excited seeing Mahadev n Parvati devi.

Mahadev now tells them the story of Raam on persuasion by ganas.

He narrates how Dashratha with his three wives Kausalya, Kaykayee, Sumitra ruled with glory at Ayoodhya, only with one pb.. they didn’t have any children.
Then Dahshrath decides to pray n woo God to bestow his family & his kingdom with its heir.

He does great yagas and danas and at last his wish is done..and anytime soon he’ll be a father.. he’ll the father of Vishnu’s avtar- Raam.

Then Mahadev feels the arrival of Vishnu ji’s avtar Raam and feels overwhelmed…
The nature

is become lively.. green encompasses the world… flowers blossom.. the nature is gleesome.

At Ayodhya
One of the maids inform Dashrath the good news of he becoming the father of a son.

Dashrath is on top of the world and shows the uttaradhikari- prince of Ayoodya to its subject.

All of them rejoice on the happy occasion.. Mahadev n Parvati devi arrive at the place..

They all sing, dance in joy.. where as Mahadev is in bliss …

Then Parvati devi goes to Kausalya devi and creases the baby.

Dashrath, Kausalya and Parvati devi come to him and share their moment with their bundle of joy.

Where as Mahadev is supper glad to hold and feel Vishnu’s great avtar…his tears flow in overwhelmed divinity for his Raama- Sri Raama.

Then Dashrath calls for Mahadev n Parvati devi in yogi avatrs.. and is very despreate to know abt his son’s nature, kundli, character and rapport with him. Mahadev tells that his son will be the best in follwoing all the rules regulations, serene attitude, he is the pinnacle of nobility. the child can due for his father.. i.e; great in putr dharm.

Dhasratha is even more happy hearing this.. then he intros the yogi to his guru Vashista… Dashrath in excitement also asks Mahadev (yogi) how will be his putr vadhu(daughter-in-law) Mahadev shares that his DIL will be like the form of Lakshmi devi.

Then Mahadev tells him to save his breath for the next child- his second son whose gonna be coming soon.

Then one of the maids come again and informs Dashrath that devi Kaykayee has given birth to a boy.. Dashrath is on cloud 9 now.. then again Mahadev tells him that its not it…he will have two more sons.. then after some time he is informed that he has become father to two sons.. he is now more than blessed in life…



Sravan kumar is carrying his parents in the baskets on to his shoulders… the father feel thirsty and asks is son to bring some water..
As Shravan picks some water from a pool near my .. Dashrath who also happens to be in the same vicinity that of Shravan, feels that some animal has come.. he mistakes Shravan to be an animal and thus using
Shabbedhi baan vidya he pulls his arrow and kills Shravan.

Mahadev knows this prior hence he warned Dashrath abt it long ago.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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