Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th January 2013 Written Update

At Kailash, Nandi tells Parvati, they have searched entire Kailash Bur Kartikeya is not found anywhere.
Parvati says he has left Kailash. Ashok Sundari reasons out that Kartikeya felt the discremation. Parvati stops her saying they have never done that among you three. Ganesh says bhaiyya has felf bad because of him. Shivji says you did your work without thinking of Loosing or winning. He started seeing everything from pov of winning & loosing, even in his family. He could have accepted your winning sportingly but he choose to leave, that’s why even I allowed him to leave. Parvati says whatever he is, ultimately he is our son, there was no time for him to learn & understand family values. He was made to learn war skills in his childhood, but his childhood was lost in that. If winning has becoming part of his nature, then we are responsible for that. Please get our son back, our family has become one just recently. Shivji wipes her tears saying he’ll try but final decision is his, will not force him. Parvati tells him will he not stop him if he doesn’t want to return? He says we should let him analyse all the events & decide . If we’ll force him then his progress will stop. He leaves.

Ganesh assures Parvati if Kartikeya bhaiyya doesn’t listen to father then I’ll get him back & you know, The promise given by me once, will never change.

Shivji meets Kartikeya, tells him if he will run from his feelings then can’t be free from them. K says he is thinking about where is he needed? Shivji tells him he is needed most in his family, they all love him but he doesn’t want to fulfill his responsibality as an elder brother. You are thinking of the love you’ve got as an elder brother but denying your younger bro, his share of love from you. If all the elder bros start thinking like you then the balance of Sansar will get disturbed. K says he can’t accept loosing from his younger brother. Shivji tells him to get over such feelings. Ganesh comes there says it’s true all are equal at Kailash. If you were Pratham pujya then you will be known only as that. But now you’ll be known as Pratham pujya’s elder bro is a much bigger post.

Kartikeya is moved by Ganesh’s talks, tells him so easily you can make things look convincing, you truly deserve to be Pratham pujaya. Ganesh asks him to return back to Kailash. Everyone is waiting for him. Father & mother have felt so bad by your leaving Kailash. Father & mother are our Sansar, I’ve become Pratham pujya by doing their Parikramma. Kartikeya says he is feeling guilty at his attitude, can’t face everyone at Kailash. Forget me. Shivji tells him everyone can mistake, I expect you to get over this feeling & return back to Kailash. He tells Shivji, I’ll not disobey you, but right now I am feeling disturbed, it’s not possible for me to return to Kailash. I’ll surely return if can do Prayaschitt for this.

Precap: Shivji has returned to Kailash, Paravti questions him about her sons. Shivji says Kartikeya doesn’t want to return now & Ganesh as promised to you will return only with his bro. Parvati asks him, you are back without both of them?

Update Credit to: mnx12

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