Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th October 2013 Written Update

The Kailash
Shiva starts to narrate on the ninth form of Durga…Sidhdartri.
Their Ardhnarishwar swaroop is the result of her grace, one can get the 8 siddhis by doing her upasana. After the devotee does the upasana of Sidhdatri there is nothing that he wishes in return and there is only contentment n happiness filled.

Rishi Kashyap then asks the upasaks Ganesh and Kartikeya to close their eyes and visualize mata’s form.. Mahadev helps them do so by detailing her form.
“On the right side the lower hand, holds Chakr; and the upper one mace.”
“On the left side the lower hand holds Shankh and the upper one holds a lotus”

They all get the vision of mata’s divine form and the place is echoed with praises n chants

to mata

“Mata Sidhi dartri ki Jai”

At the desert where the fourth idol of Kaali ma is established the agora tells them that its their responsibility to protect that idol.
The world is balanced bow from all the four directions, now soon the (good one) yantra will show its powers and it will be present in its invisible form.

At Brahm lok:

Devi Sarswati discuses with Brahm dev abt aghora’s role as he fulfilled his quest for establishing the four idols.. Brahm dev says not yet; he has another goal of establishing Kaali devi from Malla’s yantra into his yantra..she has gone in the yantr on her terms and she will certainly come out of it, but Devi Parvati is gonna do something which will impede his path.

Back to M & M brothers, Malla gets freaked out cause of aghora and Tugr asks him to calm down.
They say that if mata abandons them they’ll have no other option left than to finish themselves..
Malla feels embarrassed and humiliated infront of the world as he announced that he is gonna be the most powerful one on the earth.

Then the aghora starts to meditate on the yantra and a miniature form of the real yantra appears over him an 4 glowing fire balls which happen the move around the world with all the devtas observing eventually goes to the place where aghora is meditating upon the yantra.

The M & M cave starts to shake, freaking everyone out. Seeing all the rocks fall everyone run for their lives except M & M and Tugr. Tugr asks Malla to save his life, but he never listens,.. in the process of escaping Tugr gets hot by a big pillar kinda rock and dies.

Malla n Mani stay there itself..after a while Parvati ma appears and is angry on them both for misusing Mahadev’s mantras
They justify that they did all that of their devotion..
Mata says that their call had deception in them..a mother couldn’t understand it, but a woman did. ANd such endeavors never fruit… thus she’ll now be established in the aghora’s yantra. And by time she needs to redeem this.. she says in the future no one will ever be able repeat this

They say that they intend to seek her blessings and never did they insult her.. She syas that they chose the wrong means. They agrue saying they did her upasana for getting a position..furthermore they emotionally black mail mata saying that is this what her ardent bhakts get in return> Mata always take away the fear in her children, won’t she save them from the aghora.

Mata then tells that she will come one last time when they call.. that too if they call her for a wrong purpose she’ll instantly abandon them.

Mahadev informs everyone at Kailash that Parvati devi is now free from the yantra and she’ll be soon home…

Parvati ma is now free…and yantra leaves mata safe..
Indr on hearing the news tells that since they dnt have mata’s powers anymore, they should be killed. Nadarji replies to be patient.

At Brahm lok.

Sarswati devi inquires if this (mata gives a last chance to M & M) that hunch he was referring to?
And is it possible if they can take control again without Kaali mata’s powers?
Brahm dev replies that M & M have negative, strong, Ill thoughts and that is enough for them to repair themselves and fight back.

But one thing they don’t realize whatever they do using the wrong means, will always end in their defeat.

M& M
M & M wander when Mani asks abt where they head.. Malla replies that they are gonna brace themselves to fight the aghora ..they are gonna recreate their siddis…when asked why is it necessary , as they can lead their lives in devotion of mata.. he’ll come back to kill them.

Malla tells in prepare a big army against the aghora

Mani tells will that be sufficient to fight him.

Malla replies even if its not they have Kaali ma by their side.

They are head towards the south- to their well wishers.

The Kailash
Kartikeya asks Mahadev if they can ge Mata back to Kailash. Ganesh let father go, mata too would feel good.
Then Shiv gets remind of Parvati devi’s word “I will return on my own terms”

Mata Parvati is hurt n tears when Mahadev goes to meet her, and asks her to forget whatever happened…she says that she has to redeem her doing and thus she should take a new form and needs to stay away from him for a few more years.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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