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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev and mata parvati see butterfly and says, our heart is like butterfly. It doesnt lie on one thing. It can go anywhere. We cannot control time. We can control only our life. We just make our life happy by our own deed. All mountains discuss with devraj indra. They says, please say something devraj. This time it is not personal. Himalaya items used by everyone and kronch is using it and it is bad for all. dev raj indra says, tries to understand me. Mountain says, if you will not stop kronch then we will go kronch. dev raj indra says, why are you going mahadev. I will help you as possible. Kronch says to himself, kronch, your father doesnt know, what you want? but now everything is mine.
At kailash, mata ganga says to mahadev, release me, i will destroy kronch.

everybody is worried by kronch. I will save my father prestige. Mahdev says, you are doing far away to kronch from your family. You can understand both side. Mata ganga says, if i will not stop him then he will think that he is most powerful in the world. Please give me permission. Mahadev says, if you want to do this, then i will releave you from my hairs. Mahadev release mata ganga.
ganga mata destroy soldiers of kronch. Kronch says, dont think that you win this time. I will return back. Dev guru says, please stop kronch otherwise so many troubles will present in your path.
Himalaya says, we are worried about parvati. mahadev says, parvati know the present and he get some memories of future and when she will get everything then she will fine. Everything will happen on parvati agrees. Parvati mothers says, we should go from kailash. we will not spread parvati worry more. Mata parvati comes and says, what happens maa?
Why are you so worried.
here kronch fight with barasur and put bet that if he will not beat kronch until evening then he will fulfil one wonder of kronch. Kronch battles with barasur.
Ganesh ji, kartikaye and nandi comes to meet mahadev and see that mahadev is in meditation. Mahadev opens his eyes and kartikaye says, father, it is not possible for us to tell that what is happening around us. Nandi says, prabhu, we all worried about mata behaviour. Ganesh ji says, we all worried about mata worry.
Villagers gossips that it is not believable that banasur cannot beat kronch. Evening music play, both warrior leave their weapons. banasur says, you stay at my place tonight, tomorrow we will discuss about your need.
Mahadev says to them, you all are getting is not wrong and you should know that you have done alot for your mother. It is not necessary to learn only child to mother. Mother can also learn alot from their children. When mother give birth to child then she should learn about manner about give knowledge to his child. Same like you all help to parvati and in future you all will do same. parvati get power from her family. Please assure your mother that you all will live together. They all says, we all will live together. Mahadev says to himself, soon, you both will know your position in your incident.

Precap:- Kronch says, if my family will doesnt effect on hurting me then it doesnt give any impress on me. Indra says, i will teach lesson to kronch. barasur says, i am with you, dont worry.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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