Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 14th May 2013 Written Update

In his real form Ganesh comes in front of Parvati. Does pranam to her followed with her Pradakshina. He looks at her , is about to leave, disheartened. The viewers of Ksheersagar are watching this & Shivji too.
Parvati tells him, whenever you had tears in your eyes, you used to always come to me, so why not today son? Even Kartikeya gets emotional. Parvati remember Ganesh’s FB, him guarding the cave entrance, his beheading, he comes running to his mother. All are happy seeing mother- son’s reunion. She calls Kartikeya too, says don’t test me anymore.
Shivji says soon you will recognize me too. Now your Samadhi will be the place of our reunion. Your complete memory will return at the same place like before.
J (Jalandhar) is sitting on his throne remembers

Shivji’s words, is worried, is he plotting to kill him? Has Parvati’s memories returned. Will my people continue respecting me? I’ll have to do something to make it clear to Mahadev, he can’t do this to me?
An Asura comes to meet Trilokadhipati. & J asks where is Aacharya? I can’t be there, Where I am not required, was his answer says that Asura.
Kartikeya is teasing Ganesh about how does he feel with his trunk? Ganesh says it will take some time to get used to after all these days. Ganesh is carrying a bag of of Modaks. Kartikeya offers to carry it but Ganesh refuses.
Shivji comes there, tells them they should take Parvati to Amarnath cave, where she will realize her Aadi Shakti form. She has her partial memory , is eager to know everything. Her complete memory will be back in Amarnath cave. Ganesh says after that we’ll return to Kailash soon. Shivji tells them, he’ll be away for an important work befor that.
J comes to Shukracharya, tells him, with his sharp intellect he has guided him. A child was under his protection, thought the World can be conqured & he did too. Is it my fault, your Aaradhya is my enemy? Shukracharya says he never tried to harm you. J says but he came without inviting, at the ceremony, called me his ansh, was it right? I need you in an important Sabha. Shukracharya says he’ll come whenever he fees is needed. J leaves.
Kalnemi asks Vrinda, is everything alright? Is she pretending to be happy? Are you doing your puja properly? Is J objecting to your worship? Vrinda doesn’t answer any of his questions. One Asura comes to inform Kalnemi, Trilokadhipati needs him soon in his Sabha.
Shivji, Vishnuji & Brhmaji are discussing what is J upto? Shivji says he’ll do what he feels is right.
Parvati takes Mena, Himavan’s leave, asks for their blessing, next time whenever she’ll meet him, will be complete. Seeing her leaving with her sons, Mena & Himavan discuss, how happy they feel seeing her daughter living happily.
J in his Sabha, tells Asuras he is not against anyone particular? Out of fear they have defeated us. Did anyone ever thought Indra can be defeated? Are you all confident of defeating him again? Auras says yes, they can. J says it is important to defeate your enemies, what to do, it’s my nature, I want to defeate anyone who’ll challenge me. I have taken over Indraloka. Now since many Kalpas one Loka is undefeated which consists of only 3 people. No one has ever challenged them out of fear. But I’ll challenge them. Get ready to take over one more Loka. That is Brhma- Loka. Kalnemi is shocked. Asura does their king’s Jay jaykar.
In the Tridev meeting, Shivji says he did what was expected from him.

Precap: J is at Brhma-loka. Shivji stops him. J tells him you can’t scare me. To stop you I may even kill you if needed. J tells him without you wife you are not capable of killing me.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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