Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th March 2014 Written Update

Shambhu comes and supports the king. The praja question the king why and who is the man supporting him… Brhmnas mock and taunt the king for his diseases…they feel embarrassed of this infront of the other states. There the queen has announced that the king’s son will be the forerunner of the kingdom and what if the son too gets leprosy…they instigate the inflicted deported ppl to put an end to the king’s suffering at once…by killing him. Shambu stops them from hurting the king… he explains them that they are mistaken abt their kng…if he wished he would have never renounced the throne and no one would have even known abt his leprosy condition..or even lived in luxury…but he never chose that..he came to them..what was the need

to do..but still he did…! Ask yourself why did he do so? Shambhu tries to enlighten.

He says that the king realized his mistake and wishes to correct it and help them too..
The subject listens to it.. Shambhu tries to make them reason..what would they find in hurting the king..will they find solace of their pain and happiness out of his suffering..if anyone akss him he’d say NO..whatever he did was for his subject..

But the Brhmans doubt his motives of supporting the king…they feel god has given the king his punishment for the sins he has committed..
Shambhu questions them, if god has said all this to them, then e surely would have mentioned abt all the sins the king has committed…this gives a bolti band wala moment to all of them.
They question Shambu instead as his quest got them thinking esply the abandoned subjects…this particular bhrhman uncle is so annoying – shouts on the top of his voice instead of just talking! (itna mat chilaoo uncle heart attack ajayegaa..tum ko bhi aur humko bhi)

The bhrmna shouts who gave him the right to question them…besides they didn’y make those laws n rules…it was the king who did…and now when he himself suffers the fate of those abandoned ppl he wishes to turn those rules..!
Why does the king has different rules and the subjects has another…so he gets all sympathy for the king and is defending him…what great hing did the king do by abandoning the throne…?
When those patience scarifies their own ppl, by staying away from them…that didn’t have any value in the kings’ eye/! (And…THIS is why gods come in different forms)
Hearing this the subject back the Brhman’s words…

The king deserves to be punished saying so the Brhman calls the soldiers … Shambhu stands like a mountain forth them and does super dhopi pachad to each soldier advancing towards him.
The brhman ppl freak out and the subjects just watch the fight main hai..akhir

At one pt they all surround Shambhu and attack him but this is the SHamnhu..he with all his force pushes them away…

Shambhu gives them justification of supporting the king, as the king wishes to help them and correct his mistakes…to do good for sthem..and if there is someone who wishes their ill ..are the brhmans..who never agreed to the king’s say…they indulge in unjust by the using dharma..
The shouting BP uncle barks at Shambhu..he is wise and knowledgeable… they took that decision of keeping the effected ppl in that place so that its shouldn’t be contagious n effect the whole kingdom itself..and its not their duty to look up to the responsibility of looking after those ppl..its the king’s duty..
Shambhu tries to knock some sense in the brhman’s mind that its not cause of someone’s bad doing that they get the disease…how can someone’s bad karma effect another..he as to face the punishment himself…can that happen?
If no , then why and on what bases did he announce that leprosy is a contagious disease!

Another bhman tells him to stay with the effected ppl if he has so much of compassion for them…he’ll know when he gets effected of it one day..
Shambhu says ‘If that’s the case he’ll stay there for 3 whole days to prove that the disease is not contagious..’
The subject challenge the brhmans abt that..the BP waley uncle accepts it.

At Kailash, AS talks to a meditating Parvati ma…she says to her mom that she has been an inspiration to the her and the world doesn’t know what all personal scarifies she does for the world…

Shiva tells his daughter that her mom Parvati devi has always supported him in every endeavor of his..and she too should be doing the same for this new position of his will be challenging for their relationship…
Being in that position any person can get greedy..but she can stop Nahush from becoming one with her hard work..he says he has faith in her and remind Nahush of his duties..AS seconds to it.

The father daughter share a loving hug.

Nahush is officially appointed and crowed as the new Devraj of swarg
He assures the devtas and rishis n everyone that he’d carry fwd the duties without any unjust or prejudiced and will try to make it up to their expectations..

The good guy says to Indr’s wife that her honour and respect will never become less…
He then seeks guidance from Saptrishis..Mahadev here talks to himself
‘Remember this very word of yours when you become proud n arrogant of your position. Only this will tell if he would stay on that position for long n balance things.’

Indr’s wife taunts Nahsuh that her husband Indr got the position of Devraj on his merit unlike Nahush who got it on recommendation cause he was Shiva’s SIL.
Nahush shouts at AR learing the fact that he was given the position not on merit but on recommendation n family bg.
Mahadev tells AS that its gonna be tougher task to be Devraj’s wife..

Update Credit to: sankalp

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