Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Mahadev teaches child and their parents and says, first of all
we will worship to devi saraswati for getting knowledge. Mahadev worship to devi saraswati and
everybody worships too. Lord Ganesh and kartikayen ji see with whole world.
Vishnu ji says, if mahadev will calls to devi saraswati then it is not possible that devi sarawati will
not get happy. Laxmi ji says, now saraswati ji will return back. Devi saraswati ji cries.
Gyan murti comes with their soldier and stops everyone. Gyan murti says, you are doing wrong and work against our law.
You will get punishment. YOu will die then villagers interrupts gyan murti. GYan murti says, dont worry, you will
also get punished. Gyan murti gives order to asur for killing. Mahadev says,

tell me my wrong work for punishment.
SOldier comes and ask about painter. Broker thinks then she says, she is not here, she is from another state then mata comes and says,
i have paint this. SOldier says, raja has order me to bring you in fort. THen mata denies and mata says, if raja wants to meet with me then
tell them to come here. I will not leave my job. SOldier gives warning. Gyan murti says, i have already told you your wrong work.
Mahadev invites for gyan murti for shastrath then gyan murti says, you are giving
me challenge in shastrath. Mahadev says, i am giving you an opportunity to defeat me.
GYan murti says, but there is one rule of shastrath. IF anyone will get defeated then
he have to take masoleum. Mahadev says, but this rule is same for you too. GYan murti
goes from there.
Broker says to mata that leave this place otherwise raja will kidnap you. Mata says,
we are not helpless and we will oppose raja and his soldier. Suhub’s child comes and
gave news that mahadev has taken challenge from gyan murti for shastrath. Suhub says, this is
trick of giving jal samadhi to someone. Mata says to child, dont worry, now truth will win and you
just see.
Laxmi ji says, mahadev and mata is doing there jobs very greatly. Mahadev is making confidence in man
and mata ji is also encourage to women. Vishnu ji says, now next job is to bring back
of mata saraswati and mahadev is already planned about this.
Gyan murti gets frustrate and says, there is something in that person thats why he has given me challenge.
Raja durdum ask about drawer then soldier comes and trying to say then raja interrupt him and says, take her name
very respectfully. Soldier give information that devi saraswati says that if raja wants to meet with me then he
have to come to meet me. Raja says, she is one who will make me satisfy. I will go and let her fall in my love.
Ganesh ji ask about devi saraswati from mahadev and says, due to devi saraswati’s absense, people is getting distracting from
their path and you stops me for showing path to gyan murti. Mahadev says, gyan murti has done wrong with saraswati knowledge,
he is known for great devotee of saraswati. He has turned education as income source. THats why i will punish him.

Precap:- Broker says, raja durdum is coming, just go away. Raja durdum comes then mata gave warning to him.
Mata says, i am already married then raja says, i will kill him then durdum ordered to gyan murti that give that person to
masoleum because then after i will marry with that women.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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