Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th January 2013 Written Update

Gannu bhayya says that he follows every order of his brother.. and pulls his mother’s hand to make her sit beside Shiva.
With a diya in his hands glowing as his own light as if defeating the ignorance, he start his circumambulation (pradakshina) around his parents.
And then touches his parent’s feet in reverence..he asks for their blessings for his duty.
Then again he circumambulates 3times around his parents mounted on his mouse.

After he finishes the pradakshina of his parents he dismounts the mouse..

Parvati ma questions that he had to circumambulate around the world then why did he did to them instead?.
Gannu bhayya says that there is no question of surprise for father just the other day had said that for a child her/his parents are her/his world.

He says that for him.. his earth(Prithvi), society (Samaj), my sky (akash) all are my parents.
and to serve them is his primary duty. Mata Parvati feels overwhelmed!

Thus Ganesh has finished first.

Shiva narrates this to all…ie the participants.
Hearing this Kartikeya feels hurt.. he says with a feel of unjust to him that the competition was to finish the Parikrama of the world as he was the one who finished first..and how can his circumambulation equal the circumambulation to the world.

Mahadev questions “aren’t your parents your world?”
Then Kartikeya gets reminded of what his father had said “Me and your mother are equal to the world”

And Ganesh has proved that for a child its parents are its world.

Parents give birth to a child and they are the real creators. Whoever is devoted to their parents, doesn’t need to do any daan or puny.

The qualification of becoming Pratham pujy is that the one should have both intelligence and Potentiality and self control..and whosoever is not in accord to my say..can this moment put their offer.

Shiva says “you all devtas have ignored the issues of world and have come and participated in the competition- to win to become pratham pujy..did no one of you ever gave it a thought that in your absence who sill look after the world?
And amidst of all this it was Ganesha who did his duty of looking after the world, unlike those who always aim to attain the highest position among the gods.”

“He is the one who puts the gain of the world before his own selfish gains..
Who neither has the attachment of his own win nor the fear of failure. Thus I declare Ganesha as the Parthampujy ” Shiva adds.

Nandi and others cry out praises of Ganesha “Pratham pujy Ganeshji ki Jai”

Kartileya feels hurt seeing all lift GAnesh up.
they take him to a thrown and Parvati ma, Mata Laxmi & Sarswatidevi does his arti..

Vishnu dev declares that any good thing will start only after Ganesh’s prayers.

The crowed again cry out praises of Ganesha “Pratham pujy Ganeshji ki Jai”
Kartikeya is furious and humiliated and regrets his return to Kailash.

Shiva observes this.

Gannubhayya searches for his bhayya.

They all search for Kartikeya but never find them.

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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