Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th February 2014 Written Update

The army chief says to Dakshaniins that they are safe at that place…owing to their tight security.
Sati’s sisters ask her to sing something as its been so long since she sang something..

After much maska she sings the same forest concert song..Mahadev is attracted to the voice and observes the campfire from a hill… where as the other soldiers gather around them listening to such soulful music…
The voice is so familiar and enthralling that Mahadev walks towards the source from where it is heard…

Dakash is furious knowing that his daughters have gone North…on asked abt their where about by Prasuti he says they are stuck somewhere and even his soldiers couldn’t go out to search as there is a cyclone around… Prasuti prays to Vishnudev

for her daughter’s safety… Daksha is mad a certain person at North.

Back here Sati sees a shadow emerging in the bright light…she sees it near…
Vishnu dev goes to Brhmdev and asks abt the decision he made… is it right.. Brhmdev shares Mahadev’s disapproval of taking part in worldly activities or helping them both. And for the creation to happen Kaam needs to be evoked . Vishnu dev warns Brhmdev abt Kaam’s indirectly it effetcs a person in hell lot of ways…it will go out of control.its not a good idea.
Brhmdev says that they both have any other go…Then Brhmdev evokes Kamdev… he kinda casual in his display (BG main booom boom song ka BG hai) They ask Kamdev why is he afraid of Mahadev.. Kamdev says that he fears Mahadev’s anger and sadness.. he feels immense pain in going to Mahadev.
Brhmdev says its important for him to help here.. Kamdev says he feels demotivated seeing Mahadev’s passive and lamenting mode.. Brhmdev tries to make the guy understand his role in the world’s Kamdev agrees saying anything to save the world.

Nandi feels pained to see Mahadev’s state.. he goes near the foot impressions of Mahadev and cry..this is the first time aMahadev is so angry…its different and shows something big is gonna happen… he then vows to be with Mahadev all the time..

The stranger nears the camp ..Sati is pulled towards the form and so is the stranger…the soldiers observe this stranger and try to attack but get in turn attacked by Shiva’s gana s and Nandi.

After that enternity wala stair the stranger shows his face just a glimpse and walks away..the whole place is on fire due to the fight.
Nandi again loses Mahadev.

Sathbhij conspires to kill Daksh prtis before they reach his place so that Daksha gets devastated and he can have the place of Prajapati.. he send his man to do the same..

Mahadev gets flashes of Sati’s fall and his catch..he is perturbed with this… Naradji asks why is Mahadev unstable.. Vishnudev tells that Mahadev is feeling all new emotions as he has been separated from his female part
and he is realizing that he is incomplete due to his meeting with Sati.

Sati’s voice haunt Mahadev and he splashes water on his face to get out of that feel…

Precap: Sati feels an unusual thing as if she is being asked to do something very if someone is calling her..she promises to search the call which is calling her.
Mahadev here plays the damru

Update Credit to: sankalp

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