Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th February 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Kartikeya arriving and informing everyone of thier search being complete,and announces that it is Dashanan who will be making thier bhavan.Parvati is pleased and tells Mahadev she now realizes why Mahadev had gone that day to fulfill Dashanans wish.

Meanwhile Dashanan is walking with Ganesha and asks him why is he accopanying him?.Ganesha replies that the path to Kailash is difficult and besides he is carrying such a heavy model of the Bhavan too.Raavan says that this isnt a model of a Bhavan but my devotion towards Mahadev which can never feel like a weight to me.

Meanwhile Parvati is happily making modaks pleased with the fact that now Kailash will have a house too,Ganga finds it hard to belive that Vaiaagi Mahadev is allowing

to build a house.

Ganga approaches Mahadev and asks him how is he making a house on Kailash when his essense is that of being a Vairaagi.Mahadev smiles and says that he doesnt have “Moh” of anything,just like the entire world is his yet he doesnt feel any material attachment to it,similarly by building a house he wont feel any material atttchment to it.Making a house of thier own was Parvatis wish and a need of thier children.

Ganga jokingly says that needs never get over,so will he by fulfilling all the needs of everyone slowly loose his own identity?.Mahadev smiles and says Bholenath,Neelkantha,Vishwanath,Gangadhar-yet he is a husband and a father too.By changing his roles and his forms for others he isnt changing himself,they are just parts of him.

Ganesha and Dashanan are walking in Kailash.Dashanan begins to feel cold,Ganesha asks him if he wants something to make him feel warm,Dashanan refuses.Dashanan tells Ganesha that he has done so much hardwork,unlike him Ganesha didnt have to do any effort to be the son of Mahadev.

Ganesha says no,i too took a while to understand my father-who he was,and due to my arrogance i misbehaved with him,hence having to loose my head and have it replaced with that of an elephant.

Dashanan rebukes him and says you lost only one head to your father,i myself cut 9 of my heads to please Mahadev,and hence i am his greatest devotee.

Ganesha begins to realize Dashanan growing arrogance and questions him-if you had to worship a Shivling,one made of Gold,the other of Mud which one would you choose?.Dashanan smiles and says Mud is very ordinary,and its Gold that is worthy of worship,so he chooses the Gold One-and almost trips.Ganesha tells him to walk carefully

Finally Ganesha and Dashanan reach the Shamshaan right before Kailash.Ganesha shows Dashanan Kailash.Dashanan applies Bhasma/Ash from the Shamshaan and applies it all over himself.He asks Ganesha wont you apply it?you are Mahadevs son,and a Bhakt should always get inspired from his God,like he is from Mahadev.

Ganesha smiles and says that one should have a clear heart and a clear mind.Mahadev doesnt expect his devotees to undergo change for him.A Clearmind and a Clear heart is all one needs to please Mahadev,a persons exterior his clothes etc do not matter.

Ganesha and Dashanan finally reach the foot of Kailash.Dashanan begins to Chant “Om Namah Shivah” as he advances towards Kailash.

Parvati asks whos voice is this?Kartikeya says its Dashanan.

Dashanan arrives and falls at Mahadevs feet.

Precap:-Dashanan is shouting at Nandi saying that he is Mahadevs greatest Bhakt,and hence is superior to everyone else including Nandi,and asks him to not interfere in him making Mahaevs Bhavan.Mahadev is fuming.

Update Credit to: shruti

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