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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Mata says to mahadev that i am getting something previously and i really feel bad and it is the most worst case of my life. why swami? Why my fortune is seeing in my present. Mahadev says, everything that you are seeing is our fortune and you are getting it previously. Mata surprised. Mahadev says, remember it every time that shiv and shakti will not seperated. Whether moon will not show or it will show, it doesnt mean that it will not with earth instead it will always with earth. Mata agrees on it.
Mata parvati mother and father comes to meet mahadev. Mata parvati gets excited to see them. Mata says, you just informed me previously so that i will celebrate on your coming. Ganesh and kartikaye worships to them. Everybody gets happy to see them. Mata parvati mothers

says, i was worried to hear that you have taken kaali swaroop. mata parvati says, everything is alright. Mata ganga comes to meet bhram dev and says, you bring me for world wellness but they will not give me to you then i will help him to stop kroch. Father is in kailash and thats why he bring his force to steal everything from himalaya. All mountains comes and stops him. Kronch says, i will face anybody. Ganga mata says, i will stop kronch because it is necessary to tell everything to parvati. Bhram dev says, go ganga, if you can stop him then go. Narayan says, kronch is ready for war and if we will not stop him then it will be tensed issue for us. Go and inform to devta. Here devraj indra again situated in heaven. narad ji comes and says, himawan’s and menawati’s son kronch is doing mischievious work on earth. Do something, i am here just to inform you.
Dev raj indra says, for this issue, first of all i will meet with mahadev. Dev guru stops him and says, first of all, we have to think about issue for how will we stop kronch. Ganga mata comes and stops kronch. Kronch says, now world will know your as my sister. Ganga mata says, i am alerting you otherwise i will take destroy you.
everybody does lunch at kailash. Narad ji says, it’s really happy to see everybody doing lunch. Mata laxmi says, soon everything will be change. Nandi says to kartikaye, do you know what kind of taste is this, it’s really like mahadev wedding.
Mata gets tensed and everybody stand up.
mata calls mahadev but she didnt get him. Mahadev hugs mata. mata says, swami, i know that we will not seperate but i dont what kind of feeling is this, i am getting worried day by day. I am getting that you are not with me. I called you so many time for stopping but you are not stopping. I am worried about you.
Mahadev says, it is not good to leave present. you will feel pain only by thinking future, just feel the present. why are you thinking about future and why are you worried about it.

Precap:- Mata ganga says to mahadev, release me please. Mahadev says, if you want to control everything then i am releasing you.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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