Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 13th May 2013 Written Update

Paarvaati’. , says J (Jalandhar). Mahadev’s wife. Shukracharya is persent there too. J says that was the reason, you were not telling me. You thought I’ll be always dependant you, but you forgot I am capable of creating my own ways.
Shukracharya tells J he is crossing his limit, but I’ll answer all your question. J says there is no need of clarification. Shukracharya says it’s my bad luck, that I have to tell you clearly, It’s Guru’s duty to guide his Shshya, to protect, as well as stop him from going on path of destruction.
When you came under my protection, you were a child. Had I told you about Indra being your mother’s killer, you would have gone after him, but wouldn’t have become a fire like you are today.

Anyone would have finished you. I knew you are Shivansh but more than that, you were a child, whose mother was just killed, that child needed my protection.
Parvati is in Dhyan, her body starts glowing. Shivji is watching this.
Aadi Shakti appears in front of Parvati.
Vishnuji tells Lakshmiji, Shivji wants Devi Parvati to accept herself.
Shukracharya says I didn’t tell you mata Pravati’s name because being Mahadev’s bhakta stopped me from telling you. I never wanted you to make the mistakes other Asuras made. Is is right to misbehave with your Guru? You distrusted me & knew about this from Samudradev. It’s important for you to know, among all the Devas Mahadev has always done justice, specially for Asuras. My Mahdev bhakti is equally imporatant as beathing for me. Mahadev didn’t stop you from defeating Indra, because he wanted you to get justice, Indra should be punished. I am proud to say, my Mahadev bhakti have never come in way of my being a Guru. Now you decide what you want to do Trilokadhipati.
Parvati’s one form appears in front of her to accept Aadi Shakti. Shivji says, Dharana, you are the one whom you’ll accept. State of Dhyan, where there is no object but only you. Aadi Shakti merges in standing Parvati. Who then turns into a Globe of light & merges in meditating Parvati.
At his palace J is sad. Vrinda asks him the reason, says she was his Vaidya too, so can understand seeing him what he is feeling. J say I have learnt how will I die. She says even I know how will I die. When my breath will stop. She tells him not to think about it now.
Shivji at Himavan’s palace tells Kartikeya & Ganesh, it’s an important day today, as Parvati will go in Dhyan today. Ganesh asks then mata will remember everything? Shivji says no, Knowing me & Aadi Shakti’s form will be possible only in Samadhi. Your mata is coming, go for her darsahan. He tells Ganesh, Balyogi Gunesh, my Natesh, go & test your mother the way you did earlier.
J in dream remembers his mother, sees Shivji telling him you are my ansh, am responsible for everything you did, sees Vrinda burning, she is asking him to save her. Wakes up. Vrinda wakes up too, asks him was it the same dream? J says but mother wasn’t there later. She asks did you see me burning? He asks how do you know? She says whoever you love, you’ll always be worried about them, due to some fear. J says even he was there , Mahadev, was he trying to make fun of me? Or this was indication of his planning. J says you can fool my Guru, not me I am created from your krodhagni, am capable of burning 3 lokas.
Parvati comes in front of Mena, Himavan, Kartikeya, Ganesh. She remembers Kartikeya’s childhood.
Ganesh in his real form comes too, with Ganesh Atharvashirsha playing in BG. Parvati sees him. Ganesh thinks if this time you won’t recognize me, will be really unbearable for me. Shivji is watching this.

Precap: J tells Asuras, he’ll take over one more loka that’s Brhma loka. Brhmaji looks worried. Shivji says he’s doing what was expected from him.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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