Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th March 2014 Written Update

Convinced by Shambhu’s advice, king decides to spend rest of his life serving Leprocy patients. He wants to remain friend to Shambhu, asks when will they meet again? Shambhu answers, if you will give me place in your heast then, I am always with you. Shambhu tells him, not only in this birth but for all the births in future, he’ll be King’s friend.
On his way back, King meets queen & his son. He tells her to look after his kingdom in his absence. His son will be the next king, when he grows up, tells her his decision of spending his life serving Leprocy patients.
Indra, leaves his throne, Swarga to atone his sins. Seeing him Brihaspati says he hasn’t failed as a guru.
He goes to Mahadev, repenting his sins, asks Mahadev to take away his ego, make

him a better person. Mahadev says , you are crsed, go in the cave & do penanace, that’s the only solution. Indra leaves.
Brhmaji, Vishnuji comes to meet Mahadev. They discuss about making someone King of Swarga, or all the Devas may try to prove they can be the next King of Swarga like last time, creating an imbalance. Someone who is not affected by the glory of Swarga’s throne, isn’t egoistic. They suggest Nahush. Mahadev tells them, they are aware of what may happen in future. Vishnuji says, everyone will have to pay for their karmas. But right now, Nahush is the only option.
Queen calls all the minister & other important people in Rajya sabha. Announces, following the system set by the King for Leprocy patients, King, who is one now, will live in that aashram. In his absence, we all should unite & cary out all the responsibalities. Yuvaraj is young now, till he grows up they all should help out & handle the situation. Others agree but the cunning the Brahmin leader doesn’t. He says they want to talk to the king himself & will tell her their decision. He palns to kill the king.
King reaches the aashram, sees some healthy men their. He asks one of the soldier, who explains to him, they are cured now. They help other patients with the medicine. Food comes from rajya’s storage for them. Some of these people were in King’s army too. They recognize the king, who tells them, he is punished for his crime, showing his sign of the disease. They are angry at him, wants to hit him. Shambhu comes, stops them.

Precap: Brahmin leader comes there with other Brahmins, says this king should be killed. Shambhu stops them, say they are misunderstanding their king. The leader asks him, who is he?

Update Credit to: mnx12

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