Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th February 2014 Written Update

Aditi & Khyati tells Sati about Daksh’s decision to send her for rishi Angira’s yagya. She gets excited about going out & seeing new things. Daksh coemes, tell her it will help her to get new knowledge, new experience. He adds, you are my pride, self respect, honour. Do not let your father down for anything you do. Sati agrees.
Sati, Khyati, Aditi with Daksh’s minister & soldiers are on their way to rishi Angira’s state. Excited Sati looks out of her Palakhi, to see view outside. But is stopped by the minister from doing so for her security. She gets annoyed. They all stop, as the way ahead is blocked due to land slide. All 3 come out of the Palakhi. Minister says they shouldn’t move ahead. Sati suggests she will go ahead from the forest,

wants to keep the word given by her father to rishi Angira, will go alone if they don’t want to come with her. Minister suggests, they should wait here till tomorrow morning. Till then he’ll enquire about this place from his soldiers.
Mahadev is lying near the river bank with eyes closed.
All the sisters are buzy talking, suddenly Sati gets excited seeing lightening bugs, trys to catch them, goes behind them she comes near a narrow path connecting 2 mountains. Sees a computer generated Tiger coming to attack her. Out of fear looses her balance, falls down. Her screams are heard by Mahadev. Sati is falling slowly down & suddenly finds herself in Mahadev’s arms. Looks at him with surprise, faints. He is about to touch Sati’s forehead, she seems to open her eyes. Looking at her he slowly leaves. Suddenly Khyati, Aditi & Minister reach there. She opens her eyes for some time, just to see Mahadev going, faints again.
In the tent Khyati & aditi are worried about Sati’s fever, she is still unconscious. They apply some herbs in her palm.
Mahadev runs from the forest towards the cliff, remembers him saving her from falling down, realizes about Sati’s fever. He applys snow on his forehead, arms. Here Sati feels the effect. Her fever is gone.
Next morning she is normal, tell her sister about her experiencing, some one, a man was there. Due to him her fever has gone. She doesn’t know him but his touch made her dream set free. She felt her being is realized by that touch. Khyati & Aditi teases her saying it was a frenzy not reality.
Mahadev seems to have calmed down a bit after seeing Sati is shown walking.

Precap: Vishnuji tells Brhmaji, After meeting aadi Shakti Mahadev seems to be changing but one more problem has come up now.
Prasuti tells Daksh, Narayan will protect Sati. Daksh is angry about him being there.

Update Credit to: mnz12

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