Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th February 2013 Written Update

Vishnuji says there are many who make Ganga dirty but there are some who really care for her, are active in keeping her clean, even they’ll get destroyed. Please think over your decision. Humans are capable of rectifying their mistake, give them one chance. Brhmaji says you have always been compassionate for Humans, if Ganga returns back from Earth the civilization on her bank will get destroyed. Let Ganga flow on Earth again. Shivji accepts Vishnuji & Brhmaji’s request, says I’ll let this Kalkut be in my neck, but it is Ganga’s decision, she wants to flow on Earth or not. Vishnuji tells Ganga to give Humans one more chance, she is not only a river but also a mother, is existing since many Yugas, appear on Earth once again. Ganga says even if a child

is wrong, a mother can not be angry for a long time. I am ready to appear again on Earth. Parvati tells her, your decision has confirmed a mother’s feelings for her children.

Shivji says this Society’s problem gets solved by Ganga’s reappearance but everyone has to understand her importance. Those who will not respect her will surely be destroyed. He tells the rishis, you all have to accept this responcibality. Rishi Kashyap & rishi Dadhichi asks his permission to start this work immediately.

Dashanan is in dilema why his heart is not letting him part with this Model? He bows to the Shivling, lifts the Model to immerce in water, is stopped by Ganesh’s voice, who asks him to stop. Ganesh asks him why was he immersing this model in water? Dashanan says for his strong desire of making a Bhavan for Shivji, made this model, But when realized Shivji doesn’t want to live in a Bhavan so wanted to put it in water. Ganesh wants to see the model, tells Kartikeya this is very well made for all our needs. Yours, didi’s, mother’s perfect requirements. It’s airy, peaceful too. It has Shubhta along with all other good qualities. He even points out different place for each one of them. Kartikeya too approves of it. Dashanan says it is made as per all the rules of Vastu-shastra. Ganesh says it seems their search for an ideal Bhavan is over.

Kartikeya asks Dashanan to come with to Kailash with them, his dream of making a Bhavan for Shivji can be materialised. He says but he has heard Shivji doesn’t like to live in a Bhavan. Ganesh says their mother has taken father’s permission to make a Bhavan. Dashanan gets emotional, says finally you have called me on Kailash. Shivji is watching him.

Ganga wants to go back, Parvati asks her to stay with them for some days, now a Bhavan will be made on Kailash. Ganga feels happy for Parvati, says with this her Grihasthi will be complete. Parvati tells Shivji he wanted to know the reason for her happiness, it’s the news from Naradji about Kartikeya & Ganesh going in North direction to find a Bhavan, they’ll be here soon.
Dashanan thanks Ganesh & Kartikeya for taking him to Kailash. Ganesh says how will they all come on Peacock. He tells Kartikey to go to Kailash & give this good news to mother, also tell her to make lots of Modak, he gets more hungry when is happy, will come with Dashanan walking. Kartikeya leaves, Ganesh & Dashanana start their Padayatra for Kailash.

Precap: Dashanana is at Kailash with his Model covered with a cloth, falls on Shivji’s feet. Shivi tells him, finally his wish of coming to Kailash is fulfilled.
A voice over says a maha-bhakta has come to Kailash.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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