Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th September 2013 Written Update

Brhmaji, Naradji comes to meet Mahadev. Naradji says it is difficult to understand his actions. Mahadevsays Aadi Shakti has decided to live in present because of some reason. She wants to give a fair chance to Andhak to improve. Her knowing future may not let her do so.
Mahadev-Parvati are at their Chausar game site. Paravti says they are here after many years. That one moment (closing Mahdev’s eye & Andhak’s birth) has resulted in today’s circumstance. But she will not hesitate in ending him if needed.
Andhak in his palace, talking to his other self, who convinces him to win over his fear for Mahadev. Then he can do anything. Andhak trys to put his hand near fire but gets scared of light. Finally decides to get over his fear to get Parvati.
There is fire around him. Shukracharya comes, tells him not to have such thoughts for mata Parvati. He doesn’t want to repeat the mistake of hiding the secret of his birth from Andhak, which he did for Jalandhar. He tells Andhak he is Shivansh. But Andhak gets some different idea hearing this. He says this means even he has the simillar power as Mahadev. Shukracharya regrets teling him the truth, asks Mahadev to forgive him. Andhak is confident now, wants a doot to take his message to Mahadev.
Mahadev is angry watching Andhak, says he has taken the decision. Parvati asks what is that decision but Mahdev tells her to go & meet Ganesh right now. She insists on helping him, but seeing Mahadev firm on his stand she leaves.
In his Sabha, Asuras are present. Andhak tells 2 Asuras to take his message to Mahadev. Those 2 Asuras are hesitant, looks at Shukracharya, who asks Andhak not to do so. But he tells his Guru, he hasn’t asked for his advice.

Precap: At Kailash,2 Asura doot gives Andhak’s message of giving Parvati to him. Mahadev is with Andhak fighting.

Update Credit to: Srushti

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