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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev and mata parvati conversation. Mata says, every end starts with new incident. Dev guru says, if you will agree then we will again denote devraj indra as king of swarg. Indra says, prabhu, you all tridev has given me chance to correct my mistake. Please forgive me. Kartikaye says, rohitang has taken all negative power with him. Everybody will live easily. Mahadev says, every people will travel his journey but during journey people forget his main motive of life. Ganesh ji says, rohitang born by your positive energy but why he include into negative energy. Mahadev says, negative energy is in it as like you. Ganesh ji says, but it was rohitang’s fault. Mahadev says, it was andhak’s fault. We had given chances to andhak. Andhak misuses rohitang. there

is no fault of rohitang. As he grows, opportunity arise in front of him but he has taken bad manners. He doesnt want to realise it. People got so many chances and People should remember his truth.
Rishi says, it is priviledge for us that you are guiding us. Dev guru says, please order to go for honouring devraj again. Narayan says, we all know about mahadev and parvati reation. mahadev says, its time to neutralize all the negative energy generated by rohitang tandav. You will play important role for neutralize it. narayan says, we all will play our duties.

Mata parvati mother see a dream and gets worried. parvati father comes and ask about dream. her mother says, i cannot understand the dream. Why will i see her in dream. Her father says, dont worry, her husband is mahadev and her son is ganesh and kartikaye. Her mother says, i cannot forget this dream easily.
Mata parvati thinks about previous dream. Ganesh ji comes and says, i know you cannot forget your dream but now everything is normal. please come with me, everybody is waiting for you on dinner.
Parvati father says, i pray to God that there is nothing happen with parvati and kronch is arising unbalance in world. I pray to God that kronch will realize his mistake and follow his duties.
Parvati mother says, we should discuss it with mahadev. her father says, no. we will not disturb her. Her mother says, i will meet her.
Laxmi says, if problem will happen in internal family then it will very hard for anyone. Narad ji says, now i know, for what reason mahadev is indicating. Narayan says, himalaya is king of mountain but his son kronch is effecting the world. mata laxmi says, will mahadev and mata parvati is effecting with this incident. Naryan says, is any incident in the world which doesnt effect mahadev and parvati.
Mahadev come and meet to mata parvati. Mahadev says, i think moon is really in special state so that you are starring it. Mata says, this hans couple will denote us thats why i am not seeing it. I am not feeling well to after kali face. How will i understand myself. There is something happening in myself and i feel like that i will move away from you. we are one but then why will i move away from you. Its really painful for me.
Mahadev says, everything that you are seeing is not past, it is future and you are getting it in your present.

Precap:- Kronchi spreading imbalance in world then ganga mata says, i will stop him. Bhram dev says, if you can stop him then go.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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