Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th July 2013 Written Update

Mahadev and Parvati devi reach Mithila knowing that that is the place where Lakshmi devi is gonna take her form as human. Devi Parvati bends and inspects the soil and stands right with a question even after the soil’s fertility is decent why is it still infertile..?
Mahadev tells that it is the very reality of this place.. Parvati devi reminds him about his say that he’d teach them detachment to a place where attachments is paramountly present … but she finds the place already detached!

Mahadev tells that its Mithila which is under the rein of a king- rishi Janak. On inquired by Gauri, Shiv tells that raja rishi is the one who sits on the throne with the feel of a rishi. Though they rule the kingdom like a king, but they don’t have the attachment

or moh for the same.. and thus it was important that they go there. He also tells till the time Janka is desperate for Viragy (detachment), devi Lakshmi’s come is difficult to Mithila.

They observe a Gyaan charcha at Janaka’s place and they too decide to take part in it. (will they show Ashtavakra’s story too?)


Lankaesh is very happy this day as he destroyed the reason for his he has finished it right from the root.. now neither he will be born nor he (Raavan) will be killed.

Raavan says that he can control his future by controlling the grhas, hearing this pitamah and Mandodari are shocked. Raavan is upset with Maydanav as he hasn’t finished the task given by Raavan. Now that he has all the time in the world after being immortal, he can start to rule the planets.. and the world.
Pitamah in his mind thinks..the fool doesn’t know that the one who is gonna kill him will very soon be taking birth.


At Janaka’s gyaan sabha.
One of thr rishis say that the main reason of problems is attachment to the worldly things, even though after knowing that nothing is permanent in the world..
the other rishi seconds by this..saying that without attachment there is neither fear of losing something nor greed of gaining. Its then we can experience parmanand, thus to be content in life one need to be detached from everything.

Janaka appreciates the words from the wise saadhu…and asks if anyone has to say anything.. any questions or doubts?

Then Mahadev n Parvati devi arrive with their questions in their saadhu n saadhvi avtars resp.
Mahadev asks “They say that detachment is necessary, but my body which is one by the look of it but in reality is the result of combination of so many tatvas n varied elements, but since they say bondage is required they (tatvas n elements) there destruction too is fair. But if that happens our lives will be ruined ”

Janaka asks if that is it, should attachment, temptation or bondage is justified or fair to be there?

Shiva then tells, he is no scholar in this, but aren’t they taking linkages to be bonding? he further continues saying.. that we have to play many roles int his life..staring with the child, brother or sister, guru’s shishya’s, friend’s or foe’s, husband or wife, mother’s or father’s role; and every role has its own duties and everyone including, his wife and he has duties..likewise a king too has his duties. If the fear of moh (endearment) stops one from doing their duties is it right? In a few case doesn’t our attachment help us fulfill our duties?

Janaka poses a quest to Maadev asking him..which bondage is he talking about?
The live audience watch the scene and Narad ji understands now what Mahadev is doing.. Narayan tells that this act will help Janaka to his right path.

Siva furthermore gives an example “like for an example, a king, for whom his subjects are like his children.. and the relationship of a king with his own child will not make him sensitive for his subjects, won’t such a king be more enduring towards his subjects?”

One of the members from the audience retorts to this saying that, doesn’t he know that Janaka doesn’t have a child of his own.!

Janaka then asks Mahadev does he has a child?
Mahadev tells yes!

Janak asks him to share his experiences.. Janka asks him, what did he get after being a father- only just happiness..didn’t he get sadness?

Mahadev tells he gained happiness along with sadness, but most of all he got the honour of being a father!
Shiva proudly says “I have two sons and a daughter and what I got is the honour of being their father.. ”
All of them stand up…
Mahadev closes his eyes and utters “when I sang a lullaby to my little one, I got the feeling of sound sleep… ”

Jab sunayee putr ko lori
Sukhat nidra ka daanmila
Pita hone ka samaan milaa

Jab lagayee putr ko galay say
jisse tha vanchit woh bhaan mila

Tutri ka jab kanya dhaan kiya
un ashrun main kahe samaan milaa
jeevan daan mila

“Pita hone ka samaan mila.. and u say what I have got, and what we got being parents” says Mahadev
all feel emotional…

Narayan tells to others.. on one hand Mahadev gives a talk on being detached from putr moh to Dashrath and on the other hand he says get attached to putr moh to Janaka.

Janaka and his wife are touched hearing these poetic lines from the saadhu and step down from their seat …

Janka asks for privacy to his subjects…after everyone goes away..Janka feels extremely blessed for all his births..that this day he gets to meet and be guided by a father who himself is beyond attachment or detachments.. he falls on his feet and says…

‘how couldn’t I recognize you, Mahadev. Sunayane too felt blessed and folds her hands n reverence to the divine one..’
The couple falls on the feet of Parvati parmeshwar..who happen to come in their original form..(Didn’t know that I really miss Sona this much.. can’t connect with Pooja)

Mahadev tells them that they have come to make Janaka realize the most important purpose of his life.. Janaka is grateful by Mahadev’s darshan itself, but Mahadev tells that there are bigger things than that.. he informs Janaka that he’s gonna be a father soon..Janka is excited to knwo when will that happen?

Mahadev tells that the land he sees is infertile cause the one riling it has gone too far in the search of truth n detachment due to curiosity that there is an imbalance created and he needs to fix it.
From this very prakriti (nature) is his child gonna come to him..and in the future his daughter is gonna marry a person who is gonna be responsible for change

On asked by a curios Janka who its gonna be..Mahadev says the one who is the ultimate among puruhsa (purushamtam) – the one who will be on top notch of/in sat, tap, kartavy, prem (love) and scarifies and following maryadaa..
The one who will throw light in the path of an idea living


Narayan tells to devi Lakshmi that its time to take form in
human avtar.
Mahadev proclames that Narayan himself will take birth as king Dashrat’s eldest son .
Nandi asks what will Narayan be called?
Mahadev closes his eyes and utters “RAM”

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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