Devon ke Dev Mahadev 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 12th February 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Mahadev creating a statue of Shakti and there at Daksh’s palace Sati is drawing a picture. Sati feels something is incomplete in this picture and why see feeling loneliness inside her and why she is unable to complete the picture. She feels that this question should be answered and if this question is in her mind, the answer should be somewhere and whose half body is in the picture.

There at Kailash, a tiger attacks Mahadev from the back. The tiger is attracted towards the statue, Mahadev says no to the tiger, but since he was not listening, Mahadev pounces on tiger, but unknowingly he falls on to the statue and breaks it. Mahadev feels sad and starts crying.

There Angira visits Brahmalok, he starts complaining as to why his

son is facing discrimination, why his son is not
allowed to visit his Brahmalok? Brahma says that in order for Sathbij to visit Brahmalok, he must prove himself, he should free from all negative thoughts and should have good in him. Angira feels sad after hearing and says that luckily sathbij is not here as he would have felt sad about what his grandfather is saying about him. A father should make his son aware of truth and reality. Angira also talks about Daksh, saying that he’s not responsible towards his duties and there should be a new Prajapati elected. Brahma says that the election would
not be based on hierarchy. Angira tells Brahma about the falling condition of his state, to which Brahma says that he should consult with Daksh about this.

There at Kailash, Mahadev again starts creating the statue, but he’s unable to do it. This angers him and he yells out loudly, with his roar the earth starts to shake and everyone feels the earthquake. There at Daksh place, Sati is collecting her papers as there is wind blowing very fast. And at Kailash Mahadev starts performing Tandav.

At Ksheersagar, Vishnu tlls to Brahma, that Mahadev sadness is at its epitome after seeing the death of a deer couple and his statue broken. Brahma says that lust is required as there is no love in the world. There at Kailash, Mahade stops performing Tandav and stands in Ardhanarishwara’ pose. After seeing there Vishnu says that there is some hope. Brahma says that his time has come to meet Mahadev.

There at Daksh palace, Sathbij is angry that he is not allowed to enter Brahmalok. Angira says that it is your temper and eagerness that is stopping you from going there. And Daksh comes there, Angira narrates the issues his state is facing and he decides to perform a yagna and that is why he requires Sati as all his daughters are married. Hearing this, Daksh says no and it is impossible as Sati has not away from the palace this far. But
Bhrigu, Atri agrees to what Angira is saying, but Kashyap points out that the road to reach Angira’s state is far and there is dense forest cover that no one has gone and we need to find another solution.

Sathbij asks Daksh to speak, Daksh says yes and Sathbij points out the rules Daksh has made, that if someone needs help we should help them and how could he broke his own rules. Hearing this, Daksh agrees to help, but Sati’s security will remain in his hands. After Angira and Sathbij gone, Daksh decides his higher ministers and his daughters would go with Sati and there should tight security around her palanquin.

There Brahma visits Kailash to meet Mahadev and tells him that worries and tension are on rise in the world and we both Vishnu and Brahma need you in the work of creation. Maahdev says everything was normal in the world until you(Brahma) separated Prakriti from me, and that he will not help Brahma and Vishnu in this regard.

Precap :- Minster decides not to go further, Sati is adamant as it is her father’s decision, Sati continues on the path, trouble engulfs her, Daksh and prasuti senses it, Daksh says that this reason why he was not sending Sati

Update Credit to: Kalyani_shiva

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