Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th February 2013 Written Update

Naradji comes at Kailash, smiles at Parvati but she looks at him with anger, asks what does he want to burn today? Naradji asks her to forgive him. Looking at his smiling face she says he doesn’t look guilty at that incident. He gives her the news of both Kartikeya & Ganesh going into North direction, guided by rishi Vashistha. Parvati feels happy, gets up to tell Shivji about this.
Near a river Dashanan is sitting infront of a Shivling with the model of Bhavan made by him. Says he wanted to make a Bhavan with all the facilities for you, would have lived there only to serve him. But according to Kuber, you don’t like to live in a Bhavan. But how can I give up this Model made specially for you?
Parvati wants to give this news to Shivji,

is about to say but Ganga comes there crying. Parvati is shocked seeing her condition. Shivji too asks her what has happened. Ganga says she has always helped Devas & Humans both. Civilization flourished wherever I am flowing. But I am being misused, won’t a child understand my pain? Humans are not treating me well now. If I die, what will happen to those who are depending on me. Many rituals happens because of me. They have forgotten even your Importance. Those who know my pain are not doing anything for me. I can’t bear this negligence anymore. That’s why I am here infront of you. Shivji closes his eyes, sees people throwing garbage in Ganga, sewage is being thrown in it too, gets angry.
Kartikeya & Ganesh are on Peacock, Kartikeya says according to rishi Vashistha, they are in North but nothing is visible here. Ganesh says they had started their journey with their parent’s blessings, they have to succeed. Ganesh spots Dashanan with Shivling & the model, shows it to Kartikeya, says Shivling shows he is father’s devotees. Kartikeya too agrees, about the model looking impressive.
Shivji is angry. Parvati says these Human bow to her seeing her raudra form, but don’t respect her otherwise. Is it right to flow for such people? If a mother can be an angry Kali for her children then doesn’t a mother have a right to get angery at being misused? Shivji says definitely yes, those who can’t understand Dharma, Pilgrimage, importance of water, deserved to get destroyed. Naradji, Ashok sundari, Nandi & Ganas are watching Shivji’s anger. Instead if destroying their dirt, they throw it in water to get rid of it, but inturn create a sin & wherever there is sin, punishment is a must. Such Society is not suited for Devatva but is suited to pay for their sin. Did I drink Kalkaut Vish for such people? We have taken different form for such people? Those who don’t undwrstand importance of Ganga, doesn’t deserve her. Ganga will have to return back from Earth. This Society that’s making Ganga poisonous by throwing dirt in her. Now it’s time to throw the Kalkut Vish back in water. Let such Society get destroyed, then only a new one can be created.
Brhmaji & Vishnuji too are worried, are on Kailash. Vishnuji says they are pained too seeing Ganga’s condition. Our Karuna for them is the reason for that. But think over your decision once again.

Precap: Kartikey tells Dashanan, his wish of making a Bhavan at Kailash may be fulfilled. Come to Kailash with us. Dashanan with tears in his eyes, says I knew, you’ll call me only whenever you want to. Shivji is watching this with a smile.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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