Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th October 2013 Written Update

Mahadev as the Aghora walks in the desert.. and the wind blows violently, blurring the vision of those people who await for him to stop him from his pursuit. They say aghora that they won’t allow him to establish the idol, aghora replies that its foolish to stop someone from doing something pious

The guy sends his paplu taplu to fight Mahadev (aghora)!
but the aghora kicks them off his way… seeing the dhopi pachad his folks again n again rakshas raj is anxious. Now its the guy and aghora, aghora puts on the ash over him and challenges the guy to bring it on.(now that’s da spirit)

Aghora beats the guy hard, but rakshas rajlaughs.. then he gets a few more tight slaps from the aghora,.. yet he laughs!
The guy doesn’t fall down

even after those banging.. then aghora lifts the guy by his throat with his fingers and throws him down. Thus defeating him successfully.(crazy guy what was there to laugh! Bachpanmain hee do tight slaps pade hote toh aaj aghora say mar nai pada hotaa!)

Then the aghora locates the third idol of devi Kali, and asks for ash..when the king instructs a sevak to get the ash of the burnt wood, aghora says he wants bhasm- ie the ashes of human.. when asked why the bhasm arti is required he explains that when a lifeless body burns it turns into shivatv – it has the essence of Shiva in ti.. that’s why the aghori’s apply it onto them- its the symbolism of Shiva’s memory- the symbolism of sin burn when one applies it the body becomes pure- its teh symbolism of the three tatvas – teh symbolism of truuth that life end inevitably…thus nothing can be as pure as the ash…

the aghora guru- Tugr informs that even rakshas raj is killed n the last idol too is established, as he establishes the fourth idol mata will leave from there.. Malla n Mani are freaked out. Malla again determines to control mata using the mantra, but the guru says that when aghora establishes his yantra there yantra too will combine in it.
when Malla says that he will make mata unbalanced again, Tugr tells them that she was uncontrolled but now cause of teh NavDurga yagya at the Kailash mata is getting all the power n peace.

Mani is overwhelmed to know that mata will be going and constantly pleads Malla to stop her..and that he’d finsih himself.

At Kailash, Ganga devi shares the story of Kaalratri the seventh roopa of NavDurga.
She narrates Kaalratri’s appearance.. Dark complexion, open locks of hair.., and an electricfying mala..gardhav as her vehicle. The one who is the destroyer of bad.- who is the giver wisdom. (sorry to say that couldn’t understand her pronunciation or is it her voice modulation..terrible) Purity is established… she always gives a positive ( Shubh) fruit- thus she is called ‘Shubhankari’ and there is no need for the devotes to be scared.

She aks Kartikeya n Vinayak to close their eyes and tells how on the seventh day the Sahastrat chakr is awakened- all sidhis are gonna be in reach of the upasak. Upasak will no longer fera dark, fear, enemy, animal etc

Kartikeya feels a little emotional and relieved of doubt seeing mata..

Back here Aghora is brought the ash he asked for and then does abhishekam to it..with ash and water. And Parvati devi feels peaceful.

Rishi Kashyap shares the eighth roopa- as Maha Gauri.

To make Shiva as her husband… mata Parvati did a great penance, and at last Mahadev was impressed wih her penance and accepted her wish.

Then Mata Parvati took teh form of Maha Gauri according to the wish of Mahadev. thus she called ‘Maha Gauri’

Whosoever with pure and true devotion parys ma Gauri on the eighth day of Navratri..will be blessed with purity in character n soul.
He asks K n V to close their eyes and observe the roopa of ma.. her thsi roopa has 4 arms, white saree draped, on a bull.

There is a question that who is gonna say the last roopa?

Shiva volunteers to do it.. Sidhdatri- Shakti’s ninth roopa.
They all feel extremely lucky to have that opportunity to hear the story from Mahadev himself.

Mahadev to narrate the story of ‘Sidhidatri’
The whole preparation of malla n mani is destroyed
Mata is now out of the yantra and Mlla n Mani say that they did all that cause of the immense (obsessed) devotion they had for her..Mata tells them if they call her in the need of any help she’ll come for one last time but if they try to use such wrong means again she’d disown them both.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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