Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th March 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Parvati sitting in penance. Mahadev comes there and feels the pain Parvati is feeling. He says that no woman would want that such situation where she cannot call her husband as husband. You have withstood so many efforts and so also have fulfilled the responsibility of both Shiva and Shakti. Now I will take over the responsibility until you are doing penance.

Kartikeya and Ganesha come there. Ganesha asks as to why his mother is not coming out from penance. Mahadev answers to him that Prakriti is doing her duties and is balancing the whole world and until the balance is not restored she’ll be in penance. Ganesha asks if they could do anything, but Mahadev says that they focus on their duties. Kartikeya asks as to when his mother will be back

to which Mahadev says that she will be back sooner. Kartikeya says that how many times will Mahadev – Parvati will feel the pain for their devotees. Mahadev says that devotees are always protected by Gods, even if they don’t know.

There a lady is performing pooja of Mahadev. After performing pooja she conveys her feelings to lingam that I always pray for my husband’s life and if you are happy with my devotion you should give me darshan. Mahadev says that always give darshan to his devotees in some form or other and in every situation, the devotee does not know before.
There the lady is distributing Prasad to people. A beggar comes there and asks her as to why she was late in distributing Prasad… she says that she was waiting that Mahadev will come and give her darshan, but Mahadev did not come. If Mahadev would have come the problems would have vanished.

Mahadev comes there in another avatar. Mahadev asks to give her Prasad, she gives Prasad to him. The queen tells that Mahadev is not happy with her devotion. Mahadev ask the reason, she tells that if Mahadev was happy with her devotion he would have accepted her offerings. Mahadev says that God is omnipresent, he’s in every particle of this universe, and perhaps you (queen) are not recognizing him, Sister. Every devotee wants his/her God to give darshan in the form he/she worships. Mahadev calls the queen as his sister, she too accepts Mahadev as her brother. Mahadev tells that if God could not come for your help, I will come.

People are dying, and begging to the king not to throw them out of their state as they are suffering from Kustarog (leprosy). King understands his people’s feelings, but his vaidya’s are brainwashing his minds, and hence asks his soldiers to stop beating them. King tells them that his family will be taken care, but he’s bind with the rules. He tells that a better place is built for them, but they have to leave. People say angrily that someday they will get justice.

There Indra is with Vannrani in aforest. He tells her that this forest is well maintained by his administration.He goes to bring water from a lake nearby. As he was going, he sees a Rishi doing penance. He breaks Rishi penance by saying what benefit you will get by doing penance for so many years, hence you should come to my place, and you will be rewarded. By saying so, Indra orders Rishi to bring water from the lake. Rishi denies that he is doing his penance. He also advises Indra to worship the tridev’s which will reduced his pride.

Hearing this, Indra gets angry, he tells Rishi that this forest is because of him, but Rishi tells him that this is all because of Mahadev and that he’s going back to his penance and do not disturb him. Hearing all this, Indra’s anger reaches to its peak and he takes out his weapon. He gives final warning to the Rishi, but Rishi overhears him.
Indra finally stabs the Rishi with his weapon. Rishi is nearing to his death, but before dying he says to Indra that you have attacked a Rishi who was doing his penance. You have a killed a Brahman, you have done Brahmhatya and hence I am cursing you that you will stay away from your favourite thing, your throne will betaken away from you, you will stay in forest, in small rooms. Saying so the Rishi breathes his last.

At Kailash, Vishnu and Brahma come there. Vishnu says that whatever Indra has done, the whole world has to face the consequences. Brahma says that there’s only one solution left, but Mahadev disagrees that this one solution will give rise to another problem. But Brahma says that they are left with no choice. Vishnu says that in order to restore balance in the world, they are ready to face any problems. Mahadev agress to this.

Precap: – Brahma tells Mahadev that Nahush is the solution to this problem.

Update Credit to: kalyani

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