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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with man says to mahadev that this city is really not for living and teachers is also getting feared with raja. Mahadev says to man, somebody have to oppose raja. Man says, who will oppose raja and his soldiers.
Mahadev says, but somebody will have to do this. Sheelwanti says, we are getting late. Mata says to mahadev, take care of yourself. Mahadev laugh and says, ok. Gyan murti says proudly, now teachers is getting fear with me and now search all the teachers and i will call them
for shastrath and they will get mausoleum. THen he asked about mahadev then soldier says, we are searching, we will find him soon. Man propose his proposal for free education. Teacher says, by this decision, we all will get killed. Mahadev says, do you think that you are doing good by helping

raja in his bad work.
You have to defense yourself and be a man or otherwise you want to die as a coward. As in any case, we have to pay by own.
Broker ask from Sheelwanti, does she knows painting on clothes. Broker ask from worker, does anyone do the work of painting on clothes. Mata says to broker, if you dont mind, can i do it. Broker says, you are new in this field. Broker says, you will get punished if you will dont wrong. Sheelwanti gets tensed
Gyan murti goes to raja durdum then raja ask, do you think that why i have denoted you as amatya. Gyan murti says, i will give that kind of women who will satisfy you. If you will not make me happy then i will throw you from this fort.
Mahadev says, every teacher have a duty to show path to uneducated. YOu all have rejected your duties but remember that today if you will not sacrifice then your children will get result of it. Teachers says, you are trying to do revolution. Mahadev says, i just want to say that if you will not give knowledge to children then
is it good for you and children? Teachers says, but we have seen that what happened with shastri ji? DO you want to see every teacher get killed with raja durdum? YOu are getting respect with this knowledge but you are making fail of it. THis is war against unedcation and we will bind each other and fight against exploitation. If you think that raja is exploiting you then oppose it otherwise you are also defaulty in it.
Mata does the painting work on clothes and villagers ask, who will teach in school then mahadev says, i will teach. Gyan murti spy heard all this. Mahadev invites all villagers for getting lessons and says, you come only one condition that you will not leave this education and if anyone doesnt want to give coins then they are welcome in my school. Everyone gives compliment on mata’s painting on clothes. Broker says,
you are really a genious painter. Soldier come and ask about clothes then broker gives it. Broker says, now you can come daily and you will teach ladies for this work. Gyan murti’s spy gives information about mahadev and says, he is giving free education and starting revolution in between crowd. If you will say then we will sent some soldier and kill him. Gyan murti says, i will kill that kind of person in front of crowd, so that people will
frighten with us. Mahadev starts his class and gets happy to see crowd. Mahadev gives thanks to parents and assured to give knowledge.
Mahadev teaches to children and says, first of all we will pray for devi saraswati. Pray with true heart!!!!!!
Soldier bring women in front of raja durdum and durdum says to woman, you cannot satisfy me, just go away.. Raja then stops that woman and see the painting that was made by mata and then he says, this womam will satisfy me who has made this painting. Mahadev heard all this. Raja calls to his soldier.

Precap:- Gyan murti came to mahadev and then mahadev says, you came here to kill me with these asur. Gyan murti then called mahadev for shastrath and says, jal jal jal samadhi!!!!

Update Credit to: Tushar

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