Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th July 2013 Written Update

Mahadev and Parvati (Well, Pooja does look pretty,,,..her hazel eyes do look amazingly vulnerable and innocent…) and Mahadev is telling her that we have reached here to meet the many characters from the future track…errr I mean the next birth of Narayana..and meanwhile HE will be doing one more murder
Parvati said who

Mahadev says my greatest devotee who would be performing a kill to secure his future

We see Ravana smiling his weirdo dimpled smile and seeing Kaushalya offers her to buy some flowers he insists…she takes some..but he forces a yellow flower on her saying that once she smells this she will be totally enchanted. In hindi he said: Aap Mohit ho jayengi

Kaushalya faints…Ravana packs her up in a big box and throws her

in a pond…Mahadev and Parvati watch this show and PArvati says that should we doing something to save her?? Mahadev says that somebody who is given the responsibility of this region …We see Gannubhaiya standing at the top of the cliff..and he jumps straight into the water

He pulls out Mata Kaushalya …
Parvati is all happy shappy seeing him…and Gannubhiya is also very emo seeing his new mummy… But he has to run back…and he vanishes before Kaushalya ji comes to senses…

Kaushalyaji comes to senses and Mahadev PArvati both escort her back to the Ashram where the pooja is going on…
In the Ashram Dashrath is worried about Kaushalyaji, just then she arrives with Mahadev and Parvati as brahmins…The Pooja is over and the Sadhuji comes with Prasad…

He gives kheer to Kaushalya and then Kaikeyi, but the kheer gets over before it reaches Sumitra gets upset..but Kaushalya and Kaikeyi give some part of their kheer to Sumitra and everybody smiles like a big happy family (Say cheeesss)
Dashrath is praying that he is so wishes for a son and he may be blessed with a son…Mahadev who listens to this says that it is wrong to be so obsessed with the wish of a son but still blesses him that he will bear a son…Dashrath and family gets all happy shappy…Mahadev announces that he will be tehre when his first son is born to name his son.

Parvati then asks since this task is complete…now what

Mahadev says that now only one thing left…

Narayan on this side at Ksheer sagar feels the coming of Mahadev

Mahadev and PArvati appear at Ksheer Sagar

Mahadev requests Narayan to take human avatar and bless the mankind…Parvati tells Laxmiji to take human form and complete the Narayan avatar …Laxmiji is saying that her swami will be born on earth and she will be borne out of the earth…He will be the Purush and I his Prakruti and Naradji is all red red seeing the lovey dovey looks exchanged all around him

Precap: Mahadev and Parvati before Janak and his wife and telling him that he will be blessed with a daughter…he needs to plough the earth around him to find her and she will be the better half of a man who will change the world for better :

Update Credit to: Srushti

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