Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th February 2014 Written Update

The episode started with maya dev in an angry state of mind, Nandi says he won’t leave till he finds his prahu, narad Nandi and gans reach a secluspded spot where Mahdev is sitting , all seams to be destroyed in that place

At Daksha’s palace Sati is running and all sisters are running after her, they stop her but she keeps running saying that Revti didi was talking of a flower, she wants to see it, she runs towards the north direction but are stooped by the guards, they tell her she is not allowed to go in the north direction and instruction is especially for you, she is disappointed and turns back and then looks behind at the North direction and mountains

Narad and Nandi approach Mahade , he is sad and sorrowful, he tells them to go away, narad says

we were all born of prakriti off nature and nature was a part of you. You only separated her from yourself for purpose of creation, Mahadev remembers and says in agony, yes what was separated was separated and can never be the same again, he says I don’t want to talk of this , I will have to vanish from here

At palace Daksha again scolds sati for going in the North direction, she says she was looking for a flower , he says no one can break my rules neither you nor myself. Sati says but there is a world beyond our border I want to see that, I am curious Daksha says after your marriage you can see the world along with your husband. Sati says when will I get married, prasuti says soon, Daksha says and you will stay in my house only after marriage

Mahadev is in a forest type of place . He is in pain and agony,

At khseersagar Narayan says Mahadev has chosen life of solitude, bramhadev says he is at a place where there are strange animals and no man or delta has ever reached that place, how will we reach him, it’s impossible. Narayan says no one person can reach him, sati bramhadev says yes half truth of Mahadev, they both smile

At forest Mahdev looks into a lake and sees his shadow, he feels even more agonised and causes waves in the water distorting the shadows

At palace sati ‘s sisters tell her that many rishis and devtas had come to ask her hand in marriage. Sati said I didn’t see anyone. And father wants me to stay here after marriage . So there goes my wish to see the world beyond.

Sisters ask what type of husband you want sati ?

Sati says one who is learned . Who is compassionate, who is all powerful.

One who brings the feeling in me that I have been his wife before in previous births and who brings in the faith that in later birth also he will be my everything

We see Mahadev sideways as sati says this

Sati is making a picture which is not completing. Sati wonders where is the other half of this picture?
Mahadev also making a picture

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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