Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th February 2013 Written Update

Parvati devi gives an explanation Mahadev on her act…that she couldn’t see her child in trouble, besides he was absent from Kailash at that moment.
Saying so she apologies to SHiva.. He replies that she doesn’t need to say sorry, as whatever she did was out of concern for her child.. And for a mother a child s everything, and Kali too is her roop..Its inevitable to get awaken when the situation demands. And this very form is embed in every woman, and at times of unjust this form is evoked.
Gannu bhayya says his thought of experiencing his mother’s powers.
He thought that they kids have the responsibility of protecting their mother, but she has the capability of saving the whole world.
Parvati ma tells that each woman in the world wishes

for only one see her husband and her children safe.
She asks Mahadev to promise if he’d accept the request she makes for the betterment of their children.

Mahadev promises her to do so.

Mahadev then appreciates Rishi Vashist for saving his shishyas not thinking of his own life.. From now on he will be called as ‘Srisht Guru’ in the whole world.
HE also gives Vashist guru a boon of being a Guru to Narayan in his avtar.
Vashish guru feels humbled and he’d never let them down.

Hund shouts at Sumali for giving him the greed of amritv and sending him to die there…its betrayal on his part.
Marich takes it offensively, but Sumli asks him to calm down… Sumali justifies saying what made him say they betrayed him, if AS has come there why did he ever made a mistake of attacking them.
And if Mata Parvati doesn’t come to save her own child then whose gonna come..rants Sumali.
Sumali tells Hund that Mahadev has saved him not that he loved him, but of the fact that even Mahadev cannot kill him, as his fate is in the hands of Nahush and that too after marrying AS.
Sumali says whatever has not happened dnt focus on it and what has happened concentrate on that. He is not immortal, but then no one can kill him either!

Gannu bhayya introduces his friend Nahush to his parents.(Nahush’s future sasur ji and sasuma! )
Nahush takes blessings from his future in-laws.
Nahush’s mother goes there relieved to see her child safe..that should be the case where Mahadev ans Parvati ma are present. She feels blessed to have see the whole family together.
She always used to wish to meet them (SHivParvati) and get their blessings.

She then says that she is worried as Hund is still alive.. she asks is he gonna be unsafe like this always.. should they be sending him to a safer place?
Parvati devi says that Nahush is now like their son too and she assures her that nothing will happen to Nahus.

Shiva says that at present its essential for Nahush to get his education first and there is no other guru who is as best as Guru Vashist..he asks her to keep Nahush there itself..and Nahush will be safe with them.

Parvati ma invites Raja Ayu, Nahusg and her to Kailash (as customary ritual)
This little dude has all smiles for his in-laws.
Naush’s mother feels on the top of the world hearing Parvati devi invite her…
Ganesh then says to his mother that Kartikeya’s and his task is not yet they are going to take a little more time to get back to Kailash.

At Lanka:
Ravan at the other end..sits infrot of the model of a house..thinking how was he gonna go to Mahadev as his main purpose of his visit to Kailash was to build a house for his Mahadev, but now there is neither any use nor any importance!

At Guru Vashist’s ashram;
Rishi Vashsit says to Kartikeya and Ganesh that they have to leave in order to complete their quest… Ganesh says that there is something they have to do..they cannot just go away abandoning them homeless!

How can they find a perfect institution while there they are in need of them. Only after they fix the ashram they’ll leave for there task. Vashist guru asks them not to take pain for him; to which Kartikeya says, with the arrival of Ganesh subh (purity) has to come. and also that they would be more than glad to fix the ashrma.They both start working to repair the ashram.

At Kailash:

Moma dearest grils her daughter dearest for not informing anyone of her visit to rishi VAshist’s ashram.
What was the reason for her antsy?
AS says that the dream made her anxious.

She felt uneasy to think about her would-be-husband to her parents..and her anxiety got overboard, so she thought of seeing him once which would make her mind calm down.

Parvati mata creases her daughter’s head says that parents are not just to bring them up, but they are their friends and guides too


Naradji says that Rishi Vahsist has suggested Kartikeya nad Ganesh to tarvel north in order to make their task successful.

Kartikeya and Ganesh on the peacock.. KArtikeya says that why aren’t they still successful in their task as said by rishi Vashist

Ganesh sees someone with a Shiv ling.. they believe that that is some Shiv bhakt (Its actually Ravan, throwing the model of house into the water…thinking of getting read it, which he wanted to gift to Mahadev)
They stop Ravan from doing so.

Voice over: Keep watching what’s gonna happen when Mahadev’s son meets his ardent devote!

Update Credit to: Killer Shark

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