Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th October 2013 Written Update

So the epi starts on Kailash where everyone is gathered and Kartikeya is asking that who will be naming the Fifth Avatar on this fifth day…Since MD is in Sasurji ko MAska lagao mission, he says that your nanaji aka Himalayaji will be naming the fifth Avatar and Himalayaji happy shappy withi his Jamai…names his daughter’s fifth avatar as SKANDMATA meaning KArtikeya’s mother…He then enlists how the name is beneficial to its the mind is free from wordly desires,..Everybody closes their eyes and prays for SkandMata…
The Aghoris in Smashana and feel something around. They rush to see

I love Sudeshji,,,but what has he done to himself

We see Ravan Raj standing (I hope have got the name correct!)

Mahadev standing

in the oblivion (Caught a beautiful shot!! )

Mahadev standing and watching Parvati inside the ring of fire and is thinking that soon she will be able to come out of the Yantra..Parvati is also feeling the return of her powers…
Aghor Vrat is over and only Shiv Darshan and Tandav is left out…Aghoris are happy…Ravanraj is saying that nobody can defeat him…and no need of Shiv Darshan

Aghoris tell him…that his enemy is no common man but AGHORA…and gloats on their victory

Brihaspati is there and Kashyapji is thanking him …He praises Kartikeya and Ganesh and the importance of the 9 days of Pooja…
Indru is all hyper since Mallmani has started Aghor vrat…and he can hide behind Mahadev and be safe…
Maharashi Brihaspati names Mata Sixth incarnation as Katyani as she had taken birth at Rishi Kayayan’s house…and describes the Swaroopa having four hands and her uppr hand is in Abhay Mudra, lower right hand is Var Mudra upper left hand has lotus and lower left hand has an axe (Khadag)
and he tells the two sons to close the eyes and pray…on this day the devotee is in agya chakra and he devotes his entirety to Mata..

The Aghoris do some more mad dance ..They show Aghora in meditation..( bechara Mohit…wonder what must he go through ..doing so many different avatars in every episode!!) and sees the Yantra in the space in his meditation…he decides to leave for his destination.

At Kailash, Mahadev saying that the seventh incarnation is an Angry Avatar and hence it is not easy to describe! And Parvati is in her 7th incarnation…and so the anxiety is more,,,
Ganga maiya comes in the pic and everybody is happy shappy…and she decides and requests to have her describe as she is first hand witness of it…
Parvati is happy at this…and says that she will be entering the second yantra and after Navratri she will enter her original form and all the anxities of her sons regarding her Kaal Ratri roop will be solved..

Update Credit to: Shrushti

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