Devon ke Dev Mahadev 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Rohitang does dance competition with rohitang. Ganesh ji says, i think mahadev is hypnotised by rohitang music. Mata prithvi gets dizzy down. Indra says, please God, please stop mahadev. Kartikaye says, i think father gets hypnotised by rohitang music. mata says, just wait and see. Mahadev stops dancing and does hsi pose and whole hypnotism stop. Mahadev’s damru arise and mahadev plays it. Positive energy flows everywhere. Rohitang dances on it. Duplicate rohitang disappears. Mata prithvi comes out from dizziness. mata worships to mahadev. Rohitang remembers whole previous incident.Mahadev says to rohitang, meet with me and forget all wrong things. Narayan says, rohitang thought that he will control mahadev by naad. But he doesnt know that mahadev has allowed him

to do this and now mahadev is starting his purification process.
Rohitang fall down while dancing. Mahadev comes into his actual face and rohitang comes out from dizziness. ROhitang says, no revenge, nothing wanted, i am feeling that nothing happen but still so many question arise in my mind and until i get answer, i will not sit silently. When question arise in my mind then more question arise in my mind. Can you tell me about my existence. Why you denote everything that what is right and what is wrong. Biblarth says, you gave life to dead person, then why you didnt give to my brother, my friend and my sister. I didnt get anything what was truth. It was worthless for me but please give me answer. Mahadev says, truth is worthless when someone want to know it. Truth will clear all the clouds in mind. it wasnt truth that you thought. Truth cannot rule by single person. It is static and it is not easy for anyone to get truth so easy. We should accept truth and spent life with truth, it is main thing.
Mahadev says to rohitang, who is tridev to decide truth. They are nothing because truth can control only by nature and human deed can decide everything. You asked, why wont life given to andhak. Its not truth that only life given is everything. Is it right to think wrong about mata. Then rohitang says, then shankchur. Narayan calls, sudama. Sudama arises.
Sudama says, rohitang, i got the truth, i forgot that i am devotee of narayan and i had taken face of shankchur only by curse and it is definite for me to taken moksha by mahadev and when you felt bad when i was dead but i want to say you that it is good for me. you was scolded to mahadev and narayan but i was giving thanks to them. If i told you at that time then you wasnt understand the whole incident. Rohitang says, no, tridev is hypnotising me, likewise they has taken my sister pativrat dharm.

Precap:- Rohitang ask to dev kampan, tell me guru dev, is this truth or magic. Dev kampan says, it is truth. rohitang then give his whole weapons in front of mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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