Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 10th May 2013 Written Update

A lance is thrown as Kuber walks…scaring the hell out of him..
There walks Jal, towards Kuber, Yamraj and other devtas.
Jal and Kuber have a dialogue here not a good one at that.. Jal says the lance never take sides wen it comes to killing.
Kuber says that money can buy everything and anyone holding it

Jal says, indeed that is the reason why he called him, so that he can help his king. And he is not a foolish investment in the war. Jal asks Kuber all the money he has.

Kuber narrates the same to Mahadev, where Himvan, Shiva’s both sons and a few devtas were present.
Kartikeya feels unjust hearing Jal’s action.. He also informs that Jal was discussing something with Yamraj till he left.

is afraid that Jal is gonna use all the wealth against the devtas..

Mahadev replies “Its Jal’s war tactics, he knows that ambitious devtas would come to our side; thus he is making sure he is not out of weapons.. and he may use it against too, if the wealth goes to devtas.”
Kuber asks where should he go now!
A kind Himavan invites Kuber and other devtas to his safe palace.
Ganesh says that he’d serve Kuber this time.

Kartikeya asks his father why would Jal need Yamraj.. Mahadev replies cause Vritrasur is no more and they’d need a chief of army.

Delicious food is served and Yam raj enjoys every bite he takes of the items… Jal serves Yamraj… Shukrachary stands at a distance and observes. Yamraj is so impressed with the warmth that Jal has shown.. Jal says that he values such great element as him (Y). Jal manipulates him to fight for himself

Yam asks against whom they have to fight… when Jal says its Mahadev YAmraj leaves the food and is baffled to hear this.

Jal assures that he’ll never make Yamraj fight Shiva as its the war between him and Mahadev.

Jal like an experienced politician manipulates Yamraj and promises him to give a better profile after the war!
By the by he makes Yamraj as his army in chief.

Back at Himvan’s palace.. Parvati devi goes to her guru and pays her revere to him who is in meditation.
sensing her he opens his eyes

Adi guru informs Parvati devi that she has finished her 4 levels, thus her mind has sanctified and now there arises new inspirations thoughts and at this time she has to go deeper in the last three levels of yog- Dharana (impressions in the mind), Dhyaan(meditation) and Samadhi (Tance).

With these three one can get control over self and thus one can control the mind.

Shiva further continues “When you start Dharana and Dhyaan you’d feel the deposition of the Chitt self ie mind. And to get read of this deposition, you need to try to put your mind on one thing- to keep it from changing. For that one needs to take their attention to any place or thing in particular. Place has two meanings in yog, lady; It can stay inside or out of the body. While inside it is in the middle ie in the middle of your forehead, near the nose, heart and navel these are the (desh) present in out own body.
And on the outside it can be Guru, any object, any idol of God or Goddess, a yogi’s body and even the sound and rhythm of omkar also called desh.”

Mahadev further more adds “To still the mind (chitt) with the help of an object is called ‘dharana’ and whatever she concentrates on its qualities and shape is adapted.By this process an impure mind is also made pure and gets tranquil- this is the best way towards Chitt shudhi!”


Back here Jal sends off Yamraj and Yamraj assures he’d support Jal, if he stays on his word. Jal tells Yamraj to become his army in chief.. Yamraj feels honored to do so!

Shukrachary then says we need to hold on to Yamraj’s weakness as he is unreliable!

Jal asks does he do this all the time.. on asked Jal replies the way to find out and hold on to someone’s weakness or secret so that they cannot leave him.. like he did to him(Jal)!

Jal again asks who is capable of killing him.. Shukrachary says that he’d never say that to him as he only is concerned for his well being.


At Himvan’s palace

Mahadev explains further “When one focuses on an object or desh on particular, the mind becomes dissatisfied then its dhyaan; and in complete mediation you would have only the idea of that particular desh or object. And thus any worry or fear wont disturb her.. The state of mind (Chitt) moves from dharana to dhyaan and reaches its completeness in samadhi ”



Jal is on the swing as he gets to know abt parvati devi.

Update Credit to: Kileer_Shark

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